These are all bloggers who devote most of their words to pets and pet battles. They may deviate to other topics on occasion, but they all have really solid advice for battling.

Feckless Leader – Ross is an experienced Tamer with some guides, mostly related to speedy pet leveling, in addition to gold capping talk and general WoW topics.

Memoirs Of A Pet Collector – Kaitz is a long-time pet battle blogger and one of the very first people to follow me back on Twitter, so you know she knows quality when she sees it.

Bubbles of Mischief – Cymre is a battling powerhouse, among other adventures. Really excellent pet screenshots and taming talk.

PvP Pet Battles – Discodoggy has a daily battle pet pvp series. Discusses comps and counters for PVP, plus a few one-off PVE guides as well. A must-read for anyone joining in for some Pet PvP.

Press 5 To Capture – Prolific and informative, Ratshag is worth a look.

Nik’s Pet Battles – A very thorough guide for newbies, Nik is working his way up through the levels.

Perks N Peeks – Quintessence is a very accomplished tamer and staff/moderator on  Lots of timely news post updates and current discussion topics.

Warcraft Pet Foundry – Res is branching out to a pet PVP blog in addition to his relatively non-battling-centric podcast.

Pet Charge – Super D has lots of PVE strategies to explore.

WoW Pet Battle Crew – Josh specializes in pvp synergy, and his podcasts for MMO Reporter are relatively short, so if you’re looking to pet PVP this is a fantastic place to start.

Battle Pets With Alludra and Ben – A podcast focused on pet battling discussion.

All Pets Allowed – A new podcast all about pets, hosted by Strumpet with a weekly guest.


Non-blog sites to help you on your taming journey.

Warcraft Pets – A fantastic forum and cataloging site, the community there is incredibly kind to beginners. I write a monthly article there with Quintessence as well, so no bias.

Wowhead – almost needs no introduction for anyone who plays WoW. Their pet and ability lookups are second to none, and they’re always expanding their user-generated guides too. – a site which catalogs and compares pet stats, in a more direct way than WoWHead allows.


These are people whose blogs I enjoy reading, even if they aren’t mostly battle pet related.

Grimoires Of Supremacy – Ikralla’s blog focuses on Warlocks, with little deviation (pun intended).

Admiring Azeroth – Jojo writes about a myriad of topics, including pet battling on occasion.

And All Of Them – Misha mostly blogs stunning screenshots and an adventure journal.

SoCalWowGal – The WoW Life Coach. Also hosts a couple podcasts.

To All The Squirrels – A good general guide to WoW. Occasional blogs too, about end-game from the perspective of a disabled player.

Mr And Mrs Wow – Both he & she blog their experience with WoW.

Samaramon’s World – blog about transmog. She also includes things like mounts that match, and IRL makeup looks.

Fat Furry Tank – A raider talks about his experiences as a druid.

WoW Rounded – Jason discusses many topics, including gold farming and pet battles.

The Overcut – A prolific gold generating blogger, Farli is a goblin in disguise.

Apple Cider Mage – Very insightful, feminist deconstruction of WoW. Also, she occasionally offers art for sale (eg, Blizzcon badges)

Femtaur – Anna is a kind, popular RP blogger, focusing on female Tauren.

Eight Years in Azeroth – Part insightful look at raiding over the years, part memoir.

WoW Adventurer – Macnessa writes on many varied topics, including transmog.

Alternative Chat – The Godmother updates her blog daily and writes about all facets of Warcraft. She’s currently very focused on Garrison gameplay. She also has a new, micro-podcast to discuss the news from the previous week in Azeroth in 5 minutes or fewer.

SportsBard – The Dude blogs on a number of topics, including non-Warcraft fare.

Cranky Tank – A prot warrior resource.

Adventures In Skywall – Velgana has been adventuring in Azeroth for a long time, and you can join her here.

Growing Up In Azeroth – A Father/Daughter WoW blogging tag team.


Twisted Nether Blogcast – The official podcast for Blog Azeroth, an excellent resource for beginning bloggers.

Eviscerated – Informative, brash and editorial in equal measure. Occasional pet discussion (and making fun of pets discussion). Not safe for work or kids!

Realm-Maintenance – Rho features other podcasters and blogs, and hosts a large podcast directory to explore.

Justice Points – A podcast concerned with Warcraft as viewed through the lens of social justice and feminism. Somewhat unsafe for kids due to the gravity of topics discussed.

Let’s WoW Podcast – A general purpose podcast with a diverse list of featured guests hosted by Ghemit, Dae and Uno. #teamghemit

Group Quest – Hosted by Hasteur, Gulvan and Degei.

Who needs RSS feeds when you have a long string of links?

Did I miss your blog or podcast? Do you feel you should be granted Tamer status? Think I’m awful and don’t want to be associated with me in any way? Please contact me on Twitter or e-mail me about it, even if you only have a few posts.

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