Pet Battles in Warlords of Draenor

Here’s all the information you need to know as a pet battler going into the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Some things are changes to basic systems, and some are brand new challenges, but it’s all here in one spot for easy reference.

Accuracy – Many pet abilities which currently have a less than 100% accuracy rate have been changed to 100%, but now have a wide range of damages to compensate for that increase. Click here for my article discussing this sweeping change in pet battling accuracy, as well as a couple examples.

Breeding – First announced via tweets during Blizzcon 2013 (source), breeding battle pets for different stat outcomes has since been shelved for 6.0 (source). It may still come about in a later patch or expansion. Click here to see why I think the shelving of breeding is a good thing.

Charms – Many pet challenges in Draenor, rather than awarding the customary bags, will now award pet charms. These charms are currency, traded at your Garrison’s Menagerie to either Serr’ah or Lio The Lioness (that’s me!) for a multitude of different things, including bandages, the usual rarity upgrade stones, or brand new family-specific stones which grant a pet a single level. They also offer for that same new currency the pug hats available on the Timeless Isle.

Leveling – The level cap for battle pets remains level 25 for Warlords. (source).

Menagerie – The initial focus of your pet battling in Draenor will be the Menagerie, a building in your Garrison. The details on this are numerous, including new vendors, currency, daily quests and challenges. Click here for my overview of the Menagerie from both the Horde & Alliance garrisons. I also have a list of strategies, both for unlocking and the daily menagerie challenges.

Tamers – A series of new, relatively easy tamers will be present around Draenor. I created a post with a series of maps to show you where all the new tamers live.

An Awfully Big Adventure – This challenge, designed for only the most experienced of tamers, requires 2-pet carry strategies for a number of fights across Draenor. The 3rd pet is the new, tailor-crafted Elekk Plushie. I have a work-in-progess guide for all 44 fights in your Awfully Big Adventure but be warned: these are not my typical strategies!

There are a great number of new pets to trap, drop & craft in Warlords of Draenor as well. Below is a playlist of videos I’ve made to highlight certain new pets, representative of the challenges, tames & cute faces we’re going to be seeing very soon.

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