Pet Battles 101 – A Beginner Guide

This is the list of posts I’ve made for beginners to WoW pet battles. This guide is very much a work in progress.

alliance trainer audrey burnhep wow world of warcraft pet battle

Starting Out – The brass tacks of pet battles. This post covers where to buy the skill, how to access your pets, how to heal your pets, and how to engage in your very first fight.

Team Building Overview – A look at how to start building a decent team for general use, including some tips on synergy.

Team Building For Tamers – A more thorough overview of how to construct a team to fight a Tamer. Includes tips for your very first tamer pet battle.

Team Building For PVP – A more thorough overview of my personal method for selecting a team to engage in battle pet PVP. Includes a few videos.

horde trainer varzok wow world of warcraft pet battle

Breeds – An explanation of breeds in pet battles. What a breed is, and what it can mean for your pets. Not to be confused with pet breeding, which is a new feature reportedly coming in Warlords of Draenor.

Five Good Pets (and one lousy one) – A quick list of 5 pets you may find useful throughout your battling journey.

Cascading (a battle pet leveling technique) – An extreme shortcut for those wanting to get their first level 25 battle pet as quickly as possible.

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