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Skywisp Moth

Recently, I’ve launched onto an impromptu project, working out a way to do the Celestial Tournament with only tamed battle pets. It’s rather hit or miss thus far. This little moth, added in 5.4, is fairly instrumental in my strategy for that.


Don’t let its cute, glowing particle effect fool you. It has a very unique combination of abilities which turns him into a veritable beast killer.

Taming one is a bit of a challenge. In order to get to the spawns, you have to be able to access the Timeless Isle. I’d also suggest going on a character with a bit of offensive firepower and some kind of slowfall or a Goblin Glider. A mage is really excellent.

In order to access these guys you’ll need to hitch a ride on an albatross.

albatross wow world of warcraft pet battles flying

It’s not a very, let’s say, pleasant proposition for your character, especially since those albatrosses like to take their sweet time sauntering their feathery behinds around, but doing so is fairly key for accessing several different things on the Isle. Once I get past the areas with a lot of player foot traffic I usually try to get the albatross down so that just a couple of hits will kill it, because if you overshoot your target it’s quite the pain in the behind. You may need to do this several times to get the breed or rarity you’d like too.


The reason for the slowfall is that there are only 2 ways down. Either hitch another long, circuitous ride with another albatross, or jump.

The reward is worth it. This is one of the best pets to kill Beasts, bar none. Aside from the largely unattainable Dragon Kite ($80 USD or so on ebay at the time of this post) this is the only Flying pet with a mechanical ability, making it both offensively and defensively strong against beasts. This guy is particularly suited to go up against Xufu because his Cocoon Strike ability can be timed to intercept either Xufu’s Feed or the enormous first hit of Moonlight. Many moths have Cocoon, but lack the offensive firepower to beat Xufu down before his next Feed. Call Lightning is a game changer.


For Xufu and this tamed-pets-only project specifically I’m pairing him up with the very few mechanical tames that are out there. So very, very few tames. A fast Cogblade Raptor with Exposed Wounds and Batter in particular makes for a really nice combo. Were I not limited to only tames I’d also strongly suggest the Clockwork Gnome, a long-time favorite here at the Roundup to pair with Call Lightning.

If you’re using the Call Lightning ability I highly recommend using the Moth’s multi-hit Slicing Wind over Reckless Strike. Call Lightning shares a slot with Moth Dust, which has a chance to stun. It’s a decent ability, and it’s also key in many strategies which use other moths, making this particular moth kind of a 2-for-1 battle pet.

A fun ability which isn’t quite as functional in the situation I’m planning for here is Counterspell. Because it doesn’t ‘silence’ the ability along the lines of Nevermore, or even put it on cooldown, Xufu will just Moonfire or Feed on his next turn. Sometimes this delay is excellent strategy but here it’s far better to just absorb it.

Beyond the battle mechanics, for me personally this little guy will be an excellent companion as I make my way into Warlords of Draenor. With the ban on flight until 6.1, he will be an excellent reminder of the times I took to the sky and flew among the stars.


Well, in the mouth of an albatross but lets not get too picky here because I’d rather not remember that part.

Tommy Newcomer

I thought all my walkthroughs on the Timeless Isle were complete. I kicked back with a well-earned chocolate chip cookie and waited for the patch. I was excited to get my mini Xuen, run around in the Shrine of Seven Stars for a while showing it off, and make a small fortune on new glyphs. Then, I see this jerk.

tommy newcomer wow world of warcraft pet battle

Look at that smug little face. I’m guessing that the trigger to seeing his daily is something along the lines of defeating Aki, but I’m really not sure. I’d heard occasional discussion about him during PTR, but never saw that he had anything for me, so I kind of ignored him. I’m kicking myself over this now, trust.

Tommy Newcomer only has one pet. So we should totally take pity on him, right?


lil oondasta wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

Lil Oondasta is the pet equivalent of, well, boss Oondasta. With a very strong AOE and a force swap, she is a brutal fight. Luckily, she’s only one mob, and you can heal and re-try as many times as you need to get her down. For 500 Timeless Coins and 20g. Ugh.

Here’s the team I ended up using:

lil oondasta team wow world of warcraft pet battles

Oondasta has 3 abilities, and her 2 most deadly are Magic: Frill Blast (force swap) and Spiritfire Beam (the AoE). She backs that up with Crush, which is a big hit in itself. Because of the humanoid nature of Crush, trying to use my Golden Hatchling in concert with the Clockwork Gnome was met with a hearty ‘lol u mad’ from Oondasta.

The reason I like the Zeppelin and the Mechanical Dragonling should be fairly obvious. Decoy is an amazing ability this fight, and I want to abuse it as much as possible. I definitely screwed up a bit on the Dragonling’s moveset though… Frill Blast will always swap in the Zeppelin for me, because of the higher health, so unless I manually swap for a Fly By, I’m not going to use it to buff others, and the Dragonling doesn’t really have other moves to buff itself. Though there’s not a ton of damage we have to do, the breath ability will probably make for a cleaner fight.

lil oondasta wow warcraft pet battle

The reason I go with the Tonk is that, because of the force swap if I use Ion Cannon off the bat, Oondasta will then immediately swap him to the back row for the recharge turn and the vast majority of the cooldown I have before I can cast it again. If I return to the front row on my pre-res turn, I can also get in a Shock and Awe for a hopeful-maybe stun. Oondasta is slower than all my pets and only has single hits, so once she kills my mechanicals the first time, they’re guaranteed at least one extra hit. As long as they don’t die in the back row, anyway.

I really liked using two Decoys. I don’t think that both are entirely necessary, especially given the relatively paltry firepower on the Dragonling. Explode as a mechanic is a really excellent tool for single fights, so I would definitely recommend using at least one of these pets.

The Tonk is a little more debatable. You can definitely try subbing in either the Menagerie Custodian or the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, both of which use Ion Cannon. They’re a bit less sturdy, but it’s still an option. If you go with the Yeti, you may want to opt for Thunderstorm instead, and pair it with a Clockwork Gnome’s turret. In general, as long as you have a good amount of mechanical offense and aren’t caught off-guard by the force swap, you’re going to be in good shape.

A final note: I don’t like writing strategies with pets which are prohibitively expensive or difficult to get without at least offering a solid alternative (eg, Emerald Proto-Drake can be substituted for the Emerald Whelpling in most settings). With that in mind, the Son of Animus, specifically Interrupting Jolt, really shines this fight in place of the Tonk. I want to stress that this investment isn’t necessary, but I can generally keep that last pet alive entirely (well, minus an AoE or two) if I use Animus here.

Celestial Tournament Walkthrough

princess hat pug wow world of warcraft pet battle 5.4 celestial

The Tournament and the Timeless Isle have been such a huge topics that I’m writing this post to link everything for easy bookmarking and reference. I’m also going to put the comprehensive pets checklist for all the triads and all the Celestials below. This is almost as much for your benefit as it is for mine. I think I’m still missing a grub.

Below are also links for some videos of a few new pets you can collect in 5.4. I haven’t posted them on the blog until now! The screenshots are extras I took, mostly pet-related, from the 5.4 PTR.

albatross wow world of warcraft pet battles flying

Overview of the Celestial Tournament and Timeless Isle information, including a map for where the queue NPC is.

Tommy Newcomer’s Lil Oondasta

First Triad: Chen, Wrathion and Taran Zhu
Second Triad: Mari, Blingtron 4000 and Kiryn
Third Triad: Sully, Ion Goldbloom and Lorewalker Cho

The Celestials:


Universal Strategy for Single-Pet Fights

jogu wow world of warcraft pet battle

My full pet leveling checklist:

  • Unborn Val’kyr
  • Pandaren Water Spirit
  • Chrominius
  • Darkmoon Tonk
  • Darkmoon Zeppelin
  • Clockwork Gnome
  • Tranquil Mechanical Yeti
  • Gilnean Raven
  • Clockwork Rocket Bot
  • Sen’jin Fetish
  • Disgusting Oozeling
  • Enchanted Lantern
  • Non-Critter with Critter offense
  • A Cat (eg, cheetah cub, panther cub etc)
  • A strong flying offense pet
  • Emerald Whelpling or Nether Faerie Dragon
  • Scourged Whelpling
  • A Mechanical
  • Lesser Voidcaller
  • Anubisath Idol
  • Flayer Youngling
  • Hopling or Feral Vermling
  • Another pet with strong humanoid offense
  • An otter or mongoose
  • An elemental with a damage shield (eg, Living Sandling)
  • Water strider
  • A pet with elemental burst damage
  • An undead
  • A maggot or larva
  • A critter with avoidance

ashwing moth wow world of warcraft pet battles timeless isle

Here’s a preview of all 4 of the pets you can buy after you win the Tournament.

Videos of other new pets: Kovok & MoonMoon.

wrecked vale wow world of warcraft siege of orgrimmar sha

Universal Team for Single Pet Fights

Straight off, I didn’t come up with this combo, but it is so useful to have in your back pocket that I absolutely have to cover it. I’ve heard it mentioned on Josh Augustine’s podcast a few times, and seen it referenced on Reddit and the official forums. The earliest mention I can find is in this thread on WarcraftPets from May. I’m making this post to discuss your options and the changes coming to this strategy in 5.4. There’s a fairly significant change (possibly a bug fix) and it seems to be undocumented.

The strategy starts with this team:

universal pet team wow world of warcraft pet battles celestial tournament

It’s probably not too obvious just by looking at the team exactly what’s going on if you’re not familiar with this strategy. Because my toddler really enjoys spaceships right now, here’s how I break it down for 5.4:

blastoff wow world of warcraft pet battles beasts of fable celestial tournament howl bomb

Before 5.3, when the Unborn Val’kyr casts Unholy Ascension before being killed the first time, she comes back for her last turn as a risen undead. On the 5.4 PTR that function has changed so when she dies from that, she’s dead permanently. So, I cast Curse of Doom first and then Unholy Ascension. You get more from the 25% buff and a weaker Curse of Doom than you from just the buff. Then, you cast Geyser, then Whirlpool, then the 100% damage booster Howl. All the debuffs (except Curse of Doom with 5.4) explode in one turn, but in multiple hits, so any healing ability or damage capper (eg, the Magic family racial) is pretty much negated. Even if not, the post-Blastoff turn from Surge of Power with Chrominius is ridiculously deadly, especially since you definitely just triggered the Dragonkin racial boost. On the Celestials you can run into the 35% per hit Boss Buff ceiling a bit, but still kill them with just the three hits.

With the Unholy Ascension nerf, the only pet you absolutely must have for this strategy to work is the Pandaren Water Spirit. That’s the only pet with both geyser and whirlpool, and there aren’t really any other pets with a one-off staggered delay nuke like those. You can try working in a Ghostly Skull for the Val’kyr. That’s the only other pet with Unholy Ascension, which is fairly necessary here.

Howl is a very good debuff for both PVE and PVP, so much so that it gives this strategy its alternate name: the Howl Bomb. There are other pets with Howl, but none of them have that next turn backend punch Chrominius can pack with Surge of Power. Tito or the Lil Bad Wolf are alright choices, but you can only expect to hit for a few hundred with their other abilities, because all the solo pets have additional damage absorbing buffs. Beyond Howl, there are a few other abilities that cast the Shattered Defenses 100% damage multiplier debuff, and all the rest are Swarm-type abilities. You might want to experiment with a Zandalari Kneebiter, for instance. However, if you do go this route, make sure you use your Hunting Party right off the bat. Don’t try to get cute and cast Black Claw first. The big nukes need to get that 100% debuff or you’re in trouble. The nature of Swarm abilities means if you’re going against a pet with a damage shield like Yu’la, or are making use of a Sandstorming Anubisath, you’re not going to apply the debuff so be careful of that, too. And, if you’re up against a healer like Dos Ryga, a swarm pet isn’t going to be able to burst him down for those last hits before he heals.

universal beasts of fable team wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

To be absolutely clear, if you’d like to use a Howl Bomb strategy I’d highly recommend getting all 3, yes even the Val’kyr, even though she’s a bit of a camp. With those 3, this is a very solid, easy strategy to use. Without, it can get a little dicey. I feel a little cheap using it, but I will certainly be using it during the Tournament myself.

For the Tournament, because of Yu’la and Chichi’s avoids, and Chichi’s heals, I wouldn’t recommend using this for those two. Because Zao’s heal is on a turn delay, this is a decent pick for him. Personally, because I typically only maintain one of each battle pet, my choice is likely going to be Xufu, especially on the week featuring Mari and Kiryn.

Celestial Tournament – Zao

Zao is the last encounter I’m writing about, and as a result my witty repartee is broken. Uh, yes, it totally WAS witty. Throw me a bone here!

zao wow world of warcraft pet battles

Zao has 2 old abilities and 1 new ability. The new ability is Charge, which is functionally similar to Deep Breath, where he charges up one round and then does huge damage the next. The old abilities are the typical beast damage ability Trample, and the pvp rage-inducing heal Wish.

zao ability wow world of warcraft pet battle

The breakdown on my strategy for Zao is a lot of bursty offensive firepower. If you have stuns this is a good place to use them. Call Lightning is fantastic here too. Any kind of avoidance is good, because as seen in the screenshot below his Charge does borderline one-shot damage. He takes that down turn to power up though, so you know it’s coming, making it relatively easy to counter.

zao charge wow world of warcraft celestials pet battle

However, when I say “bursty firepower”,  you need to be mindful of using abilities like Ion Cannon early on, because the “Boss” mechanic only allows you to do 35% of a boss’s health in a single hit. Those huge single hits frequently get partially absorbed, wasting that burst. I do like the Ion Cannon in my anchor slot as a last ditch Hail Mary, but not as primary offense. The Darkmoon Tonk or Menagerie Custodian are my choices for anchor, because they also have Shock and Awe, which gives a chance to stun. The boss buff is why I really like my trusty Clockwork Gnome with a Lightning Storm combo for this fight. It’s a good amount of DPS even halved, and there’s no way I’d hit that 35% per hit threshold because it’s all little hits.

zao wish wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

In general, you want to just unload on his face. While you unload though, you need to be mindful of Wish. I like to get all set up with thunderstorms and turrets and debuffs and stuff, and then blitz him down after his first Wish. It’s on a relatively long, 5-round cooldown so it’s better to just eat the first one while you set up your offense, and then use your big damage cooldowns right after he casts it. There aren’t a whole lot of other options for damage debuffs among pets with mechanical damage, and debuff stacking is my personal favorite strategy for nearly all the single-pet fights. One pet I didn’t have available on the PTR that I’m eager to experiment with on Live is the Cogblade Raptor, with Exposed Wounds and Batter.

As always, the trickiest part of the scenario is where you need to think ahead and triage. The Gnome and Tonk are both fairly key in other strategies for the triads, but are also good here. Do you really need that Tonk to beat a pet in the early triad, or should you save it for Zao? I don’t know your stable, so I can’t give you that answer.

zao burst wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

Here’s the video of me beating Zao on the PTR.

Celestial Tournament – Xufu

xufu xuen wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

Xufu was the most difficult boss for me to figure out a solid strategy for, and yet has the simplest solution.

The strategy for Xufu revolves around his Spirit Claws ability. It does a whole lot of damage, but it has an 80% accuracy, which then becomes 100% if the weather is moonlight. Yes, he casts Moonfire.

xufu moonfire wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

I mean, of course he does. Sigh. So you have to have a pet with some kind of weather effect to counter Moonlight. I like Call Lightning, because I always like Call Lightning. Call Darkness is also an effective choice, because in Darkness the accuracy of Spirit Claws plummets to 70%. I wouldn’t recommend Sandstorm, because with the Boss buff you’re not doing a ton of damage to begin with.

xufudarkness wow world of warcraft pet battles celestial

The other reason I’m a fan of Darkness is Xufu’s Feed ability. Darkness is one of the few ways to counter a heal, and Feed heals Xufu for the amount of damage he does, like Absorb or Consume. If you look at the difference between Absorb and Consume, Consume’s baseline hits a bit harder than Absorb, but Consume has a turn cooldown to compensate. Feed is such a big hit (with such a big heal) it’s on a 4-turn cooldown. But, because it is a 4-turn cooldown you can kind of plan around it. Generally, I did this with the Decoy ability on the Darkmoon Zeppelin or Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. Decoy is really powerful here because each of Xufu’s attacks is a single hit, so you buy yourself several rounds of uninterrupted offense each time you use it. If Xufu should happen to miss with Spirit Claws on one of those attacks too, it’s super, super sweet.

xufu lightning wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

You’ll note from the video I didn’t make good use of my typical Lightning Storm-style offense. This is almost entirely because of the new nature of Lightning Storm. It now lasts a mere 5 turns after being cast, and that first pet isn’t long for this world. With the mechanical resurrect turn, you have 2 or 3 turns of Lightning Storm at best for the 2nd pet on. Not much time to construct a solid damage over time offense, let alone stack damage debuffs and all that other nonsense. Don’t worry about the shorter duration though. Xufu won’t re-cast Moonfire until after the full duration of his first one would’ve passed, 10 turns later… unless you cast Nevermore on his Spirit Claws, and then he’ll use anything else at his disposal. Though, because we’re using mostly mechanicals, that’s an alright strategy too. The magic Moonfire doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it typically would. If you do cast Nevermore with your Raven though, make sure you take your Raven out before the next turn or he’s going to get creamed.

xufu wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

Ultimately, as long as I use a weather pet, and then something with Decoy, and back it up with another offensively strong mechanical in the middle, I win at least 75% of the time on PTR. That one fight when Spirit Claws never, ever misses is usually the percent where I end up crashing and burning.

I said there were two methods of doing this, and there are. But the second method is the Universal strategy, usable for nearly any single pet in World of Warcraft, so it’s getting its own post.

Celestial Tournament – Chichi

Chi-Chi is… confounding. Yeah, let’s go with that.

chichi wow world of warcraft pet battle

He has a whole lot of avoidance, a whole lot of speed (465!), and a heal with Tranquility, so we’re behind the 8-ball before we even start. Unlike Yu’la or Zao where I could kind of pick & choose from a few strategies and arrays of pets, I had to come up with a fairly concrete strategy to beat him. This is a huge twist from my typical preferred strategies, but it involves DoT and debuff stacking.

I know, contain your surprise.

But in this case, rather than just being my preference, it’s a really solid way to go about it, because Chi-chi’s Ethereal ability (the mechanic is pretty much identical to Deflection) doesn’t dodge most DoTs. Ethereal is on such a relatively short cooldown that in trying to write a strat it was pretty central to my frustration. I tried a makeup where I use that ‘down’ turn to cast buffs or build barriers, but it wasn’t nearly as successful, in some part because I’m awful at counting.

This is the team I used:

chichiteam wow warcraft pet battle

The Fetish is kind of a weird choice, I know. Black Claw, my BFF, has a duration far too short to stack DoTs meaningfully so that was out. I had some success with raptors with Exposed Wounds, or other pets with Wild Magic, but Ethereal plus the somewhat variable nature of Chichi’s only offensive ability, the new elemental Fire Quills, made it very hard to predict when my first buff pet would die. The Fetish, as far as I can tell, is the only pet with a buff like this which is also in the undead family. Because Chichi always goes first and doesn’t have any kind of delayed nuke or DoT spells, I’ll always have 2 turns as a risen Undead, so even with that blasted Ethereal, I can ensure an almost-full duration Wild Magic for the Disgusting Oozeling to stack its DoTs. The Fetish also has a decent DoT of its own with Flame Breath.

chichi wow world of warcraft pet battles

There’s a bit of leeway with the Oozeling. You can also go with the Oily Slimeling, Toxic Wasteling, or the Jade Oozeling. The two really key abilities here are Acidic Goo, and Corrosion, both of which have an additional multiplier on top of their damage over time spells. Chichi should die by the time your Oozeling does, but sometimes there’s a tiny bit of damage left to do, which is where the lantern comes in handy. You miiiight be able to get by with Acidic Goo and another, non-multiplier DoT, but I make no promises.

chichi wow world of warcraft pet battles

The reason I chose a lantern is because it has a lot of burst, just in case Chichi decides to be a jerk on that last turn and whip out a Tranquility. You do need to continue to keep Ethereal in mind, though… there’s nothing more frustrating than having your huge nuke dodged because your long-cooldown Blind got absorbed. Most magic pets with good burst will do alright here, because you’re just trying to finish Chichi off.

Here’s a video, to see this strategy in action for yourself:

Celestial Tournament – Sully, Goldbloom and Lorewalker Cho

Triads, triads, come and get yer triads!

sully wow warcraft pet battles

Sully, the bumblingest world-class espionage agent, brings undead Socks, critter Monte and aquatic Rikki to the table. All 3 of his pets have cross-family abilities.

Socks is probably the trickiest, because while he has Infected Claw, he also has regular Claw, making him a powerhouse against the critter you probably picked to beat him. As a result, you’ll want to pick a pet in an off-family with critter offense. I had good luck with a Mei Li Sparkler with Scratch and Swarm, with Cocoon in the middle slot, and a frog using Tongue Lash and Swarm of Flies. Both are in a defending family for one of Socks’ attacks. I give the Sparkler a slight edge though, because with Cocoon, it can dodge Socks’ last attack, Unholy Ascension. Your back line will still get the debuff, but hey.

For Monte, I usually just toss in that Cat I used in the other 2 triads. Oddly, Monte has all beast attacks with Huge, Sharp Teeth!, Vicious Strength and the combo attack/evasion ability Burrow. As long as you don’t use your Prowl buffed ability while he’s underground, you should be able to all but one-shot Monte. If you don’t have a cat, another pet with strong beast offense should work just as well.

Rikki, the mongoose I’m just assuming totally beat the crap out of a family of cobras, has all beast offense. He uses Gnaw and Bloodfang, so you need to watch out for heals. He also uses Cute Face, so you should save your long cooldown big hits for when that drops off. The ideal match here would probably be a Crow or Gilnean Raven, but if you want to save yours for another fight, nearly any flier will work here. I like the Kaliri Hatchling, or the Dragonbone Hatchling, but I used the uncommon Cockatiel with no issue, too.

ion goldbloom wow warcraft

Hold on to your butts, because the next tamer we fight is Dr. Ion Goldbloom. His 3 pets are the flying Screamer, Beast Trike, and Magic Chaos.

He always starts off with Screamer, but Screamer won’t be killed straight away, because he uses the Feign Death ability. Both his offensive abilities are Flying, but one of those two is Lift-off, with the additional evasion component. He’ll also use Alpha Strike, and at 380 speed he’s going to be faster than your pet unless you debuff him. Because of the Flying of it all, I liked using the Emerald Whelpling with the magic abilities in the first two slots. You need a good amount of longevity with this pet. A Nether Faerie or Sprite Darter works here too, but isn’t quite as sturdy as the Emerald Whelpling.

When Screamer swaps out with Feign Death, Trike will come in, and you’ll want to swap to a mechanical. He uses all Beast offense with Bite, Adrenaline Rush and Horn Attack. Almost any mechanical works out alright, excepting pets like the Lifelike Mechanical Toad, which has nearly no Mechanical offense. Using a Son of Animus here makes the whole fight rather trivial, to the extent that I was able to pretty much duo it with the Whelpling, but again with the Celestial Tournament being about triage and choice… I like having Animus for a later fight, because he’s such a strong pet. Like I said though nearly any ‘extra’ mechanical you have kicking around works here.

Chaos can be really wonky. Neither of its 2 offensive moves are Magic, and it uses the new ability Uncertainty, which increases its crit chance by 50%, but decreases its chance to hit by 25%. His offense is the Dragonkin ability Instability, and the new Humanoid ability Logic, which is a straightforward nuke. I had an easy time with both the Nether Ray Fry (Flying), the Scourged Whelpling and the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, though I lean toward the Nether Ray or Scourged Whelpling, because Chaos is super fast so your Tail Sweep will hit twice.

Whenever Screamer swaps out I swap the Emerald Whelpling back in, and eventually all his pets will die. His dinosaurs had their shot, and I selected them for extinction.

lorewalkercho wow warcraft pet battle

The last tamer, Lorewalker Cho, uses Flying Wisdom, Magic Patience and Knowledge, a Dragon. And of course, they also use off-breed abilities.

Wisdom uses the Beast damage over time spell Rip to great effect with the debuff Wild Magic, and rounds it out with Peck. I had really good luck here using a Coilfang Stalker with Illusionary Barrier. My personal choice is probably going to be the Lesser Voidcaller, because he was fairly key in the first couple triads and we haven’t used him yet this triad, so I might as well re-use him. He’ll use his magic moves, including his own shield, Prismatic Barrier.

After Wisdom is Patience, the broom. It has a heal in Tranquility, and the magic nuke and barrier-clearing Clean-Up, with the humanoid ability Broom. So, like Chaos, we need a dragon nuker that isn’t a dragon. Since Patience is super slow, I’d recommend trying the Mechanical Dragonling, since his Breath isn’t affected by speed, but the Nether Ray and Scourged Whelp’s Tail Swipe is at a disadvantage if it goes first.

Last up is Knowledge, the dragonkin. He uses Tail Sweep, and is very slow at 244 speed, so he’s probably going to get to use both hits of that the whole time. He also has Amplify Magic and fairly crazy elemental nuke Solar Beam (especially combined with that Amplify). I had a hard time figuring out when Knowledge will use Solar Beam, which is kind of a big deal here. As a result my most foolproof strategy was to use the Anubisath and use Deflect on cooldown until he uses it, then count out every 5 rounds when it’s off cooldown and use it again then. In rounds where he didn’t cast Solar Beam, it was really easy to cream him with pretty much any humanoid.

goldbloomwin wow warcraft pet battle

Leveling Worksheet (italics means they’re used in a different triad, updated as strategies progress): Non-critter with Critter offense, a beast damage pet (preferably a Prowl or other combo pet), a pet with strong flying offense, Emerald Whelpling or Nether Faerie Dragon, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Scourged Whelpling, a Mechanical, Lesser Voidcaller, Anubisath Idol.

Celestial Tournament – Yu’la

boss yula wow warcraft pet battles

Yu’la is by far the most straightforward of any of the 4 Celestial bosses. No heals, not a ton of out of control burst. Her 3 abilities are the Dragon nuke Jade Breath, the shield ability Emerald Presence, and the avoidance ability with a nuke back end, Liftoff. This post will discuss your options and the degrees of success I had with each, with the ‘most recommended’ pets toward the top. There’s also a video at the bottom if you’d like to watch the fight.

yulastats wow warcraft pet battle

In general, just hit her and use avoids if you have them, especially on the turns when you’d get hit by the Liftoff nuke. A good rule of thumb for all the Celestials is to avoid your huge one-shot attacks because of the boss buff, and to stun and avoid whenever possible.

bossbuff wow warcraft pet battle

It seems as though Yu’la has been tuned specifically to be slower than the Hopling or Feral Vermling pets. She has 287 speed to their 289, so the Hopling is juuuust quick enough for Backflip to stun. I don’t bother with the second slot ability at all. I just use the humanoid Crush in the first slot and Backflip whenever it’s up.

vermling wow warcraft pet battle

The Anubisath Idol is really nice here, but don’t try to use sandstorm! The Sandstorm block plus Yu’la’s Emerald Presence means that just about anything you try will hit for double digits, if at all. He’s excellent for starting off the fight, as an anchor, everywhere. I’d definitely recommend you get on leveling one of these ASAP if you don’t have one already. It’s super, super useful in several of these fights. As such, though, I might use the Idol on an earlier fight, depending on your stable. Regardless, this is a bigtime recommend, as the Idol can also make several earlier fights, like Aki, trivial as well.

If you have a Flayer Youngling with one of its stats in Speed (H/S, for instance), you can combine the utility of both the Anubisath and the Hopling. You can use that Backflip stun when it’s on cooldown, use Deflect against Liftoff, and Blitz her face in the middle. This pet can also be really nice for PVP and starts off relatively high level, so you may want to put this one up for consideration.

yulavsanub wow warcraft pet battle

Peddlefeet starts off as Uncommon, and is an alright choice. He has a stun and a charged nuke. Ordinarily this would make him a first-line choice, but because of the Boss buff you’ll have some of your big nuke deflected, and you’ll have to time it well to get it past Lift Off. The stun is still fairly helpful, and Peddlefeet is tradeable so if you’re trying to slap together a team last minute you can try and get him off the AH.

Speaking of the AH, a Gregarious Grell is an excellent choice here, if you can find one. It’s a TCG pet, which I try to avoid in general, but I was able to nab one off my friendly neighborhood auction house for around 6 thousand gold so it’s not too awful. They start off rare, so you don’t have to worry about a stone, either. He has an avoid and a heal in addition to a humanoid Punch. I liked using him as an anchor, just in case I get down to the wire.

grell wow warcraft pet battle

Another stunner and all-around good choice is the Qiraji Guardling. You can cast Hawk Eye for some extra damage too. I’m not sure why, but I was less successful with her than the Vermling, which doesn’t make a ton of sense. Maybe it was just bad RNG strings on the 80% to hit Crush, or maybe it was the wrong breed for the job (an issue you won’t have with the Vermling.

I had some decent luck with the Kun-Lai Runt. No avoidance and cooldowns means you’re probably only going to get one slow -> stun -> big hit combo off, so after the first one I’d just hit her with Takedown until your pet dies. This is a decent choice for an early pet, but I wouldn’t use it as an anchor.

The Harbinger of Flame makes for an alright anchor, because it has the single-pet breaker Impale. Though, because it’s a beast ability, it usually does just a bit more than its regular humanoid Jab ability.

The Curious Oracle Hatchling has the same Backflip move as the Hopling, so it looks like it might be an alright choice, but it’s slower than Yu’la and starts off as Uncommon to boot, so I don’t recommend it.

yulahits wow warcraft pet battle

Beyond that, your choices are fairly ho-hum. Because of Yu’la’s Emerald Presence you’re not going to get too far with non-humanoid offense. As a result, I didn’t have a ton of success using off-family to defend against her damage. Also, she has mixed damage abilities (a Flying and a Dragon), so that was kind of right up to begin with.

Here’s a video of the Anubisath Idol, Feral Vermling and Harbinger of Flame against Yu’la, to give a better idea of what you’re up against.

{update} Pet Dev Johnathan LeCraft also gave me a helpful hint on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheCrafticus/status/369914997997961216

Like I told him, I’m exploring the use of the Raven with Xufu, but it’s a pretty slick trick if you have an extra raven kicking around and few humanoids.

Celestial Tournament – Mari, Blingtron 4000 & Kiryn

Another week, another fun-filled triad. Yes I’m being droll.

Let’s get to it.

mari wow warcraft pet battle

Mari has the aquatic Carpe Diem (yukyuklulz), the magic Spirus and the elemental River.

There are 2 real keys to this fight. One is to have a pet with a weather ability and good offense to beat up Carpe Diem super fast, and the other is to beat up Spirus really quickly. Spirus heals and has Arcane Blast, so he’s basically a ticking timebomb you need to burst down before he gets out of control. River can be problematic because he likes to combine a whole lot of things into one big burst turn, but is easily countered for that exact reason.

Carpe Diem’s first move will always be Cleansing Rain, which then leads into Dreadful Breath, a several-turn AOE which hits twice as hard while the weather is rainy, meaning that he’ll try to destroy your entire team at once. I go with my Gilnean Raven (or the Crow if you’d prefer), both because I can change the weather with Darkness and because I can wreck the silly fish’s face in like 2 turns because he’s vulnerable to Flying. Just make sure that if you’re faster than the fish, you use your regular attack the first round. You don’t want to waste your weather. The carp’s third ability is Grasp, but if you go with the previously cited weather bird of doom, you’ll wreck his face before he casts it. And if you go with a different pet, it’s Grasp. Shrug.

The second pet Spirus uses primarily magic with Arcane Blast though, so your raven is going down. Make sure to cast Darkness again asap, as Spirus also has a fairly large heal. I ended up picking a Mechanical Dragonling for the second pet, because mechanicals defend strongly against magic damage, and the Mech Dragon has a dragon ability which is strong against the Magic pet. Also, Decoy helps a lot against the arcane blast onslaught. I’ve used regular dragons here too, and they’re alright, but the defense you get with the Mechanical Dragon really helps. You may want to avoid using big attacks though, both because of the Magic family damage per hit cap, and because Spirus also uses Soul Ward.

Now you’re probably saying, well then, if the last pet is elemental, the Mechanical Dragon’s gonna get wrecked too. Oddly, River has all aquatic abilities. I can usually get River down about halfway with the dragon. After that, because of River’s tendancy toward single-turn burst with Dive and Whirlpool, not to mention Pump, I like a mongoose or otter, something like that. I can dive to avoid and Survival if things get super dire. I’ve tried a snail here, but this is a little less reliable. If a snail’s Dive hits you’ll win and if not, you start over. A strider can work due to sheer burst, but I found it a lot more reliable to just use the mongoose.

blingtron wow warcraft pet battle

But, you may want to save your strider for Blingtron 4000! The first pet you go up against, Au, is an elemental, and I had great success beating him with a water skimmer. The other 2 pets are Banks, a critter, and Lil B, a mechanical.

Au is relatively easy once you figure out his pattern. He has a new ability called Goldskin, which he can use every other round, which hits you and makes it so the damage he takes is reduced by 100. So, because you’re likely going to be faster, using the water skimmer, I use a simple nuke the first round. Then he’ll have the Goldskin, buff up, so I cast Pump for the first time on the 2nd turn while he hits me with his Gilded Fist, which is a new simple humanoid attack. Then, after his Goldskin runs out, I cast Pump again. He should die. If Pump misses, I take the next turn to heal up, and then cast the regular nuke again. You’ll likely want to follow that pattern regardless, using your damage abilities and buff or healing abilities on alternating turns. His other ability is Gold Rush, which is a renamed Stone Rush.

The next pet, Banks, is a gold piggy. He has a mechanical DoT as pretty much his only offense, so you may want to be on the lookout for a pet that has beast attacks in a non-beast pet (eg, Lil Bad Wolf). Since the Panther Cub (or another cat) was key in last week’s triad, I decided to use him again here. The DoT does hurt, but this should be another 2-shot fight. His other 2 abilities are a heal, and Uncanny Luck. I also had good luck using a crab here, especially with Shell Shield, but because of the heals this leg of the fight took a super long time with the crab.

The Panther got completely wrecked by the next pet, Lil B. The crab or a crawdad isn’t a much better pick though, because Lil B also has Blingtron Gift Package, which heals him on a relatively long cooldown. He also has Extra Plating, and an ability called SMACKTHAT.EXE, which functions similarly to Batter, only has a very different animation associated with it. Lil B is faster than almost all rare pets at 358 speed so he’ll almost always get in that extra hit.

My pick here is the Pandaren Earth Spirit, because his stun helps to extend the time between Extra Platings, allowing you to pump out more DPS. Another valid strategy is a pet like Fel Flame, with Conflag, using the Conflag the first turn Extra Plating is off cooldown. Almost any elemental with good burst will probably be able to win here. The key is to manage that Extra Plating downtime. Remember too, that he’s a mechanical, so he’s coming back after you beat him at least once!

kiryn wow warcraft pet battle

Kiryn’s whole team is a nod to Game of Thrones. There’s the humanoid Nairn, the mechanical Stormoen, and Summer, the erstwhile direwolf.

Nairn’s 3 abilities are the slight damage AOE weather effect Call of Winter, Nairn!, which is a critter damage ability with a self-buff component, and Giant’s Blood, which damages you and heals him. Because of the critter bit in Nairn!, his main attack, I went with a Lesser Voidcaller here and just attacked him down. Once I got around that critter damage it wasn’t no thang. The Curse of Doom in particular helps, a lot.

Stormoen cracked me up, because this is the Thunderstorm PVP strat I used to really enjoy in one silly little mechanical cat. Her 3 abilities are Build Turret, Call Lightning and Batter. Because I used to play this, I know really well how to counter it. Any kind of shield and you’ll be absorbing just about all of the damage Stormoen can dish out. For PTR, the first elemental pet I saw in my list with some kind of damage shield was the Living Sandling, with Stoneskin but I believe there are others. Oddly, my elemental pets were taking the extra hits from the Lightning, so this isn’t just to make all Stormoen’s native offense moot. A self-only shield is preferable to just changing the weather, because Stormoen takes the extra damage from Lightning too, but a weather change would work too.

Summer is rather tricky. She uses Prowl, Dodge and Bite. I found a Darkmoon Zeppelin to be absolutely key here, just because it’s one of the few mechanical pets with a straightup avoid with Decoy. Otherwise, the Prowl/Bite combo can pretty much one-shot you. I’ve also noticed that she likes to use Dodge, then Prowl, so it’s difficult to even interrupt her. But, because of the way the Zeppelin’s barrier works, you can still dodge it no problem.

winmari wow warcraft pet battles

Leveling Worksheet (italics means they’re used in a different triad, updated as strategies progress): Gilnean Raven or Crow, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (or a rare dragon with avoidance), a mongoose or otter-type aquatic pet, Lesser Voidcaller, elemental with a damage shield, Darkmoon Zeppelin, water strider, a beast damage pet (preferably a Prowl or other combo pet), a pet with elemental burst.