Beasts Of Fable

The Beasts of Fable were a new series of PVE pet encounters added in the 5.2 patch to World of Warcraft. At the time it was a unique challenge, as there were no other end game fights featuring only one very strong opponent for your battle pets to kill. These legendary pets are scattered all around Pandaria, shown on the map below.


(click to enlarge)

After the initial quest, where your aim is to defeat all 10, the Beasts of Fable are grouped into 3 separate daily quests. These quest groups are called Books. The bags of pet supplies given as the reward for completing each Book has a chance to drop one of 4 unique red panda pets, in addition to the typical badges, leashes, rarity upgrade stones, etc. Since the Beasts of Fable give such low XP relative to the other PVE fights in Pandaria, it is not recommended to attempt carry strategies against such formidable opponents. Fortunately, the bags awarded also have a chance to grant a Pet Treat, which boosts your pets’ XP gain by a percentage specified on the treat items themselves.

Here are my strategies to defeat the Beasts of Fable:

Book One

Dos-Ryga: This fish, located in Kun-Lai Summit, has a large heal to contend with, making him one of the most challenging of the Beasts.

Nitun: A raccoon in the Jade Forest has powerful sneak attacks to crush even the healthiest of battle pets.

Ka’wi The Gorger: Sharing the Jade Forest with Nitun (and lots of tigers), Ka’wi has tricks to prevent you from swapping your pets!

Kafi: A rather gruff billy goat, also in Kun-Lai Summit.

Book Two

Greyhoof: Sitting under a tree near Stormstout Brewery, Greyhoof is a mushan beast after my own heart.

Lucky Yi: Though Yi sings sweetly among the farms of the Valley Of The Four Winds, this is one bug your battle pets won’t mind stepping on.

Skitterer Xia: A straightforward fight, the ambiance of the waterfall in the Krasarang Wilds makes Xia worth the visit.

Book Three

Gorespine: This prickly porcupine makes its home near the Heart of Fear in the Dread Wastes, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Ti’un: In the Townlong Steppes, Ti’un the turtle will heal and then AOE your battle pets to pieces if you’re not careful.

No-No: I saved the cutest for last. No-no is a bright purple otter.

Lastly, the frequently discussed Howl Bomb team will beat most of the Beasts of Fable handily, but that’s not nearly as much fun. Well, for me, anyway.

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