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If there is a thing out in the world that could potentially be made profitable, Goblins will be there. Even love.


Especially love. Goblins feature big in the WoW version of Valentine’s Day, the Love Is In The Air festival. All the vendors are goblins, and the premiere battle pet of the season has always been the Goblinized version of Cupid. Instead of a mischievous little cherub, we get a tiny goblin with taped-on wings, shooting arrows souped up like only a Goblin can.


He used to be extremely difficult to obtain, but now he’s available for a handful of holiday currency in every major city, Horde or Alliance. The 40 tokens you’ll need to trade with yet another Goblin to obtain the Truesilver Shafted Arrow come from a variety of places, but as long as you’re queuing up for the daily boss fight you will get enough by the end of the holiday to purchase one. If not, or if you’re busy with the IRL holiday (you dog you) Peddlefeet is cageable. He starts off as Uncommon so if you’re going the AH route it’s a good idea as always to aim for an upgraded one.

peddlefeet battle pet wow moves humanoid

Peddlefeet is a pretty premiere dragonkiller battle pet in PVE. All his moves are humanoid, though they do run the gamut. The only straightforward attack is Bow Shot in the first slot, though Rapid Fire is a fairly straightforward AoE option. He does have a lot of utility with the stun Lovestruck, and the slight chance for stun Perfumed Arrow. Also in his moveset is his Love Potion heal, which seems designed to be annoying in PVP, but gives him extra staying power too.


He is quite suited to killing Yu’la in the Celestial Tournament, and a bit less so for ‘team’ pve dragonkin battle pets, where his stuns will earn you a swap. Humanoids in general are pretty vulnerable in PVP just now, with the prevalence of the undead Val’kyr/beast Death Adder Hatchling combo, but this guy’s final ability makes him even more so. Shot Through The Heart, though interesting, and one of the best lyrics ever, is a charged move for a big wallop, like Deep Breath. It’s really excellent for PVE, but not so much for PVP, where you’re sure to get stunned, blinded or otherwise annihilated in the intervening turn. In general he’s fun to play, but if you come up against any of a number of really common current teams it’s pretty much game over.

Though he’s not a favorite, that last ability makes it all worthwhile, nostalgia-wise.

Even though this song itself is about as Valentine-y as, well, a Goblin.

Anubisath Idol

Let’s talk about this OP jerk.


I’m sorry, was that overly prejudicial and just a tiny bit bitter? The reason, as a dedicated pet battle blogger, I kind of hate this pet is because its moveset gives it a bunch of utility unparalleled in nearly any other pet. If I write a walkthrough somebody frequently chimes in with, ‘I just use the Idol.’ Well, unless it’s an encounter better served by using the Pandaren Water Spirit which–don’t even get me started.

If you’ve read through the archives here and are familiar with the blog a bit, you’ll know that my style of guide is somewhat wordy. I usually describe a fight, my tactics, and make suggestions of types of moves across a number of pets to counter a tamer’s strategy. My aim is that you’ll be able to find a solution to a tamer’s puzzle with what you have in your stable already, even if you need to level it a bit. As such, you’ll frequently see phrases like, “a damage shield” or “avoidance move” or “a pet with some kind of weather.” The reason I engaged in that bit of baldfaced bias earlier is because this pet? This pet has all three of those.


The Anubisath Idol has Stoneskin (damage shield), it has Sandstorm (weather, and ersatz damage shield to boot), and it has Deflection (avoid). There really isn’t another pet with this kind of utility. A snail may come close, but the function of the more difficult to time Dive makes it so that you’re still somewhat vulnerable to certain counters and definitely to most DoTs, while Deflection is a straightup dodge everything move. Also, the Humanoid Anubisath has very few weakness in the current tamer battles while Critters generally get eaten alive on the regular. As a result, the Anubisath Idol can stand in on nearly any of the Pandaria tamer battles without blinking an eye. I’ve seen a few walkthroughs floating around claiming that you can carry a pet on all of the Pandaria tamers with him and one other battle pet.

His one Achilles heel is that his offensive accuracy is a bit low. His highest accuracy offensive move, Crush, is a base 80% hit chance. If you happen to choose Sandstorm, its accuracy hit means this plummets further to 70%. His other main offensive move Demolish shares that slot, and hits ludicrously hard but has an extremely low base 50% chance to hit, making it generally a poor choice prone to RNG woes. To round out the moveset, also RNG-heavy, is Rupture, with a 25% chance to stun. This shares a slot with Deflection, generally making Rupture not worth it.


His model is a fun, unique one, straight out of AQ40, which is where he drops. You can also buy him off your friendly neighborhood AH, but he tends to be on the pricier side because he is so invaluable as a fighter. He is also a part of the Raiding With Leashes achievement, making him one of many necessary to obtain in order to get Mr. Bigglesworth. Bigglesworth has a lot of good utility himself, with some avoids and a stun or two, but it’s not the near-universal utility the Anubisath has.

Guys, I’d tell you to go nab this pet ASAP but really, this guy’s utility is so good that he’s kinda putting me out of a job here. So if you love me and want to keep reading, please make like Nancy Reagan and say no to this teeny juggernaut.

anubisath wow warcraft pet battles


Rotten Little Helper

The Tickle Me Elmo of pet battles for the 2013 Winter Veil holiday season is the Rotten Little Helper.


You know, if Tickle Me Elmo had a board with a nail in it.

He has a chance to drop from the Stolen Present from the You’re A Mean One (Alliance Version) daily. The daily is available for all your characters level 80 or above, starting today through Winter’s Veil. The Rotten Helper can also come from the Gaily Wrapped Present under the Winter Veil tree in either Orgrimmar or Ironforge, starting December 25th through the end of the holiday.

He’s a very unique little cantankerous snowflake. He’s a humanoid with mechanical abilities, a distinction only shared with the Anubisath Idol’s RNG-heavy Demolish and the Curious Wolvar Pup’s Snap Trap. The Helper’s mechanical abilities are the Minefield-esque Booby Trapped Presents and Greench’s Gift. Greench’s Gift is rather interesting, as a relatively high-accuracy ability with a 5 turn cooldown.


Most of the rest of the abilities he has are borrowed from Winter’s Little Helper, namely the synergistic Call Blizzard and Ice Lance combo, and the utility stun Ice Tomb. Rounding the moveset out is his single Humanoid ability, the straightforward Club.

Like the Winter’s Little Helper, he may make for a good team with a Kun Lai Runt for PVP, but he’ll also be geared toward stomping Beasts with critter offense in PVE.

Abilities aside, he’s also pretty charming because of his general sunny demeanor. His on-click interaction are the annoyed male gnome NPC dialogue when you click on them too many times in a row.


Another year, another chance to get coal in your stocking.

Kun-Lai Runt

With 5.3 coming, I figured it was a good idea to start profiling some of the better PVP pets. Max level pet PVP is going to see a lot of action very soon, so you can tame this guy to help you succeed.


The preferred breed for the Kun-Lai Runt is 4, or P/P. Right now, but getting fixed with 5.3, his stun Deep Freeze is broken in your favor. It ignores the resilience buff and stuns anyway. Even without benefit of a bug, that stun plus his humanoid ability Takedown, which hits for over 300 damage, and twice if a pet is stunned, are crazy, crazy deadly.

Before 5.2 you had to team him with a pet with a chill like Blizzard, because the runt’s Frost Shock was broken and didn’t apply a chill effect. This can still be a beneficial synergy, as you can then sub out Mangle for the low-ish damage Frost Shock and not have to worry about your opponent swapping pets in the round after you frost shock. Watch out though, because if your opponent has a Runt in their lineup as well (and they will) Blizzard also buffs theirs.


My Blizzarding pet of choice to pair with my runt, Hyde, was a Winter’s Little Helper named Jekyll (I mean, obviously). This is still also good synergy because she has her own delayed stun in the form of Ice Tomb. Double stuns to complement an awesome ability which hits twice when your opponent is stunned? I don’t think I need to spell this out here.

Another good, possibly better, choice for Blizzard synergy is the Tiny Snowman, which has an AOE attack and is elemental. This gives you protection against counters, since both Jekyll and Hyde are humanoids. Better than that, because Elementals aren’t affected by weather effects, opposing Runts won’t be able to use your own Blizzard as a chill effect against you.


If you come up against the Runt in PVP, and you’re going to come up against the Runt in PVP, your best counter is to use a pet with a lot of Undead attacks and hopefully some healing over time spells (so you get heals while you’re stunned, or in the back row). A Restless Shadeling, Ghostly Skull or Giant Bone Spider are popular picks. The Scourged Whelpling is another choice I’ve seen a bit of, but I haven’t had much success with him as a counter.

In PVE he can also pack quite a punch. He’s a good pick to beat that jerk in the Dragonblight, Okrut Dragonwaste.

He’s not all killing machine, though. Sometimes, he just wants to quietly sit and contemplate the fleeting beauty of the wildflower.


As the wildflower begins to die the moment it is picked, so does he, because if he’s picked we’re going to go PVP. Nice knowing you, Hyde.

Curious Oracle Hatchling


Much like the Wolvar hatchling, only much more tongue & teeth in the bargain.



He has the same Humanoid benefits as the Wolvar pup, but his abilities are quite a bit different. A couple of his abilities go back to the Wrath rep he’s associated with, namely the really gross Aged Yolk. Between the teeth and the yolk, this apparently gives him Dreadful Breath.



The dreadful breath ability is a fun one to mess around with, especially when paired with a frog or strider who can make it rain (not in the way that involves strippers). Backflip can be strong in PVP depending on how fast the other pet is. Super Sticky Goo is a decent choice for pvp too, though in general this isn’t a very strong pet in pvp. He doesn’t pack a strong enough punch before he’s completely annihilated, depending of course on the rock paper scissors of it all. There’s always the gross out factor, I guess.


I guess he’s cute from far away. Maybe.

The Curious Oracle Hatchling is obtained by doing the Northrend Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran.

Curious Wolvar Pup


If you were around during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Curious Wolvar Pup is no mystery to you. He’s a relatively new addition to the Childrens’ Week fold, but is still several years old.


The Curious Wolvar Pup is modeled off the Wrath Frenzyheart wolvar rep you can still grind, even though at this point that would be super silly, since with the Oracles you have a chance for a mount. You’re only going to get gross eggs though, trust. What the Frenzyheart lack in good rewards, they make up for with this little guy. He is one of the best fighters of the week, with a unique set of moves across a few different families.

He’s a humanoid pet, which by itself makes him fairly unique, but he also has beast abilities making him strong against the super populated Critter family if you so choose. The thing that makes him especially nice though, especially for lower level pvp, is the combo of Frenzyheart Brew and Whirlwind. The first buffs his damage, and the second is a really nice full team AOE in Whirlwind.


Also in the pvp vein is Snap Trap, which is a quirky and slightly unpredictable stun. He’s an excellent choice for a novice battler. He’s a humanoid, so he heals every turn he does damage, making him more robust than most.

The Curious Wolvar Pup is obtained by doing the Northrend Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran.