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This guy and his snaily brethren are some of the better PVE tanks, depending on the rock, paper, scissors of it all.


Or, rock, paper, scissors, slime as the case may be.

So, what makes snails so appealing? They generally can’t die. Not only do they have a shell shield ability, they also have Dive and the damage with return heals ability Absorb. Scooter is only available in the H/H or 6 breed, which means that his health pool at level 25 with a rare upgrade is a whopping 1960, making him one of the very few pets available with over 1900 health.


The only other snail available with the H/H breed is the Shimmershell Snail. The other breeds or other snails are also amazing tanks for sure… ‘get a snail’ is largely interchangeable in the pet community for ‘get a Rapana Whelk’ after all. But health that high even as a novelty is pretty sick in a tank.

An additional strategy would be to combine his Acidic Goo ability, which has a 25% additional damage taken debuff, with his Dive. It’s also possibly a synergy buff to a glass cannon pet like a Fel Flame. This obviously sacrifices a good amount of the snail’s survivability, though. To round out his abilities there’s the 25% chance to stun beast ability Headbutt and Ooze Touch, a no-frills magic nuke.


I personally am not as in lurve with him as some other tamers are. The Undead absorb move he uses to deal damage plus his Critter type makes him take forever to kill Critters and vulnerable to Beasts. That absorb move also deals minimal damage period, so fights with him take forever regardless. But there are certain fights where snails are integral, like my thrilling strategy for the Burning Spirit Tamer. As long as you’re not fighting beasts he’s a pretty good pick.

Some tamers doodle their name with the snail’s the same way I doodle “Ms. Liopleurodon Crab.” I prefer a tank that can’t be felled by an ill-placed salt shaker in favor of one that goes well with butter, I guess. Different strokes!

You get Scooter The Snail from the original Childrens’ Week quest, from either Orphan Matron Nightingale in the Cathedral District of Stormwind or Orphan Matron Battlewail in the Drag (lower level, beneath the inscription trainers) in Orgrimmar. He was added to the original complement of pets in 2011.

Childrens’ Week

Yeah, yeah, I know. This holiday has been around since 2006 or something, and the achievements have been identical since 2008. Everyone knows what’s going to happen. But, this is the pettingest holiday of the year, and I don’t mean the 8th grade disappointing movie date variety.


There are 10 pets up for grabs, and they’re only available for this one week! Speedy, Mr. Wiggles, Whiskers the Rat, Scooter, Peanut, Willy, Egbert, Legs, Curious Wolvar Pup and Curious Oracle Hatchling are all ready and waiting to go to any psychopath willing to drag a parentless child around a dangerous, hostile landscape for kicks.

The catch is that you can get 3 at most with any given character, since it’s not a repeatable quest. Personally, right now I have 3 pets left to collect (Scooter, Legs and Egbert) so I’ll have to do the Shattrath quest on at least 2 characters.


I’ll be live streaming my quests to my twitch.tv channel on Monday April 29th at 12:30 EDT (that’s 4:30pm GMT for my EU peeps) and another at 9pm EDT. The latter may include PVP, if I feel like it. I’ve already done the School of Hard Knocks achievement, but this is for posterity. Also, I figure there’s nothing funnier than watching a noob PVP. Entertainment!

If you still need to do the School of Hard Knocks achievement, there is an excellent walkthrough done by Cynwise in his blog, Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual. You can try to play along with me, too, but I suspect mine will be less helpful walkthrough and more drinking and bitter tears.

There doesn’t seem to be any additions to the holiday from past years, but I’ll update this space if there is, or follow me on twitter for up to the minute flailing of arms. For a general walkthrough, see wowhead’s very good offering. WoWInsider has an in-depth guide to the associated achievements.

Happy Childrens’ Week!




Legs is one of the newest kids on the Childrens’ Week block, so he’s likely the one you’re missing, if you’re missing any. He was added to the Shattrath orphan roundup in 2011.


He’s quite unique, in that he’s a Magic pet with a mix of Magic and Aquatic abilities. The very new Tiny Blue Carp from fishing (mandatory uuuugh) is the only other pet I’ve run across which has a mix of magic and aquatic. The Carp is aquatic though, so it’s vulnerable to the flying pets which would be hurt more by the magic damage.

The aquatic abilities used by Legs are the very strong nuke Pump and the CC ability Whirlpool. He has a similar magic CC ability in Gravity. Surge of Power is a huge magic nuke, but a risky one as you have to ‘recharge’ after using it. Laser and Focused Beams are his bread & butter damage abilities. He doesn’t have avoidance abilities, so he’s pretty much a glass cannon.

Even though he was the last to be added, to me he’s the one that makes me reminisce the most about the Burning Crusade expansion. Sure, Peanut kinda looks like an elekk, and there were those beholder mobs in that one Tempest Keep dungeon. Zangarmarsh was one of the most unique environments Blizzard has designed thus far though, and Legs looks like he was directly lifted out of the swamp.


WTB 4 Fertile Spores PST. Ah, memories.

Legs is obtained by doing the Outland Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City.



Peanut is a cute, unassuming little fellow from Outland. He’ll occasionally stand on his hind legs and let out a little elephant tootle. In function, he’s similar to his Beast type Clefthoof Runt brethren, only just to make things interesting, he’s a critter. Even though he’s just clearly an elephant, the biggest currently living land animal on Earth.


Kay, critter.

Survival is all he has in the way of mitigation, though he does have a stun move. He has a couple buffs moves as well. Combining one of these with the percent damage ability Trample makes him a decent choice against the critter-type Beasts of Fable. A 10% health strike does a proportionally larger amount of damage to their huge health pools (you know, if you don’t want to cheese it like I do with a Nether Faerie Dragon or Cockroach).

Peanut is obtained by doing the Outland Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath City.


Curious Oracle Hatchling


Much like the Wolvar hatchling, only much more tongue & teeth in the bargain.



He has the same Humanoid benefits as the Wolvar pup, but his abilities are quite a bit different. A couple of his abilities go back to the Wrath rep he’s associated with, namely the really gross Aged Yolk. Between the teeth and the yolk, this apparently gives him Dreadful Breath.



The dreadful breath ability is a fun one to mess around with, especially when paired with a frog or strider who can make it rain (not in the way that involves strippers). Backflip can be strong in PVP depending on how fast the other pet is. Super Sticky Goo is a decent choice for pvp too, though in general this isn’t a very strong pet in pvp. He doesn’t pack a strong enough punch before he’s completely annihilated, depending of course on the rock paper scissors of it all. There’s always the gross out factor, I guess.


I guess he’s cute from far away. Maybe.

The Curious Oracle Hatchling is obtained by doing the Northrend Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran.

Curious Wolvar Pup


If you were around during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, the Curious Wolvar Pup is no mystery to you. He’s a relatively new addition to the Childrens’ Week fold, but is still several years old.


The Curious Wolvar Pup is modeled off the Wrath Frenzyheart wolvar rep you can still grind, even though at this point that would be super silly, since with the Oracles you have a chance for a mount. You’re only going to get gross eggs though, trust. What the Frenzyheart lack in good rewards, they make up for with this little guy. He is one of the best fighters of the week, with a unique set of moves across a few different families.

He’s a humanoid pet, which by itself makes him fairly unique, but he also has beast abilities making him strong against the super populated Critter family if you so choose. The thing that makes him especially nice though, especially for lower level pvp, is the combo of Frenzyheart Brew and Whirlwind. The first buffs his damage, and the second is a really nice full team AOE in Whirlwind.


Also in the pvp vein is Snap Trap, which is a quirky and slightly unpredictable stun. He’s an excellent choice for a novice battler. He’s a humanoid, so he heals every turn he does damage, making him more robust than most.

The Curious Wolvar Pup is obtained by doing the Northrend Childrens’ Week quest given by Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran.


childrens' week

Children’s Week is coming soon (the start date is 4/29 this year), so as we get closer I’ll be doing posts on the pets you should grab first if you’re starting from zero. Some of these pets have unique movesets that make them valuable for any collector. It’s not that I don’t like Speedy a whole bunch, but for the most part, a turtle’s a turtle.

All the Childrens’ Week pets start at Uncommon quality, so you’ll need a stone to make all of them rares. However, they’re all tradeable too, so you may be able to snap up an improved one from the AH.


Aside from being a clumsy penis metaphor, Willy is the only currently attainable non-combat pet which resembles a classic d&d Beholder, which could make him useful for RPers. Even more unique, one of his idle actions among others zaps other players’ pets into oblivion with an eyebeam. If you’re in the AH or a raid with the gratingly cheerful Singing Sunflower, bring out Willy and see if he can do something about it.


But sometimes, he doesn’t feel like it. Clearly this is my kind of pet.

As mentioned earlier, Willy’s moves make him unique. He’s Magic, so he defends well against Aquatic. Magic attacks are strong against Flying, but he has a varied toolkit, dealing Critter and Undead damage as well. All this make him a fairly strong leveling pet for a newbie, especially if you run along the coasts fighting aquatics.

You get him from the OG Childrens’ Week quest from either Orphan Matron Nightingale in the Cathedral District of Stormwind or Orphan Matron Battlewail in the Drag (lower level, beneath the inscription trainers) in Orgrimmar.