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Christoph Von Feasel

Everybody (yee-eah)
Rock Your Body (yee-ah)
Feasel’s Back, alright!


Oh my god, he’s back again. Warlords of Draenor is adding an additional Feasel, and this one is far more insufferable than his relation directly to the left.



Like Jeremy, Christoph Von Feasel is located in the Darkmoon Faire, and will fight you in exchange for one of their Darkmoon-branded tokens. Or, at least, his battle pets will fight yours. Here’s the team I used:


Feasel’s first pet, Syd, is a Magic pet with a lot of Aquatic offense. There isn’t a good Magic pet to defend against Syd’s onslaught with enough firepower to beat Syd, so I opted for the Emerald Proto-Whelp. It combines both heals and an avoid with a decent Dragonkin offense. Syd uses Whirlpool on every cooldown now, so I find both heals and avoid to be rather key. The Spawn of Onyxia or Wild Jade Hatchling moveset dragons are a good pick here too.


As said before, Syd will use Whirlpool on every cooldown, so it’s important to use your avoid and your heal when necessary. He will also cast a full-block on hit bubble, so you just need the longevity to burn him down.


Feasel’s next 2 pets are both beasts, but their abilities make each unique. The reason I went with the Tonk is simple: Lock-On. Because of the Direhorn’s incredibly annoying shield, many normal abilities are fully blocked by it, so you can’t just pick whatever mechanicals willy-nilly. Lock-On is an activated ability which hits extremely hard after being primed, so I use those down turns to begin Lock-On and cast a couple of his other abilities, then blast Mr Pointy’s face off in full when his shield wears. There are a few other pets with this ability, or similar ones. Launch Rocket is fairly similar. I also like having Minefield available to make a big dent in the next pet without a ton of effort on my part, but that’s just gravy.

I’m not sure about other battlers, but Mr. Pointy was by far the source of the most cursing on my part.

Christoph’s 3rd pet, Otto the Cow, has a combination of hard-hitting abilities and Feed, which means you want to blitz him down and quick.


Lil Bling, my favorite battle pet of the expansion apparently, is up to the task. Make It Rain and Inflation go together like peanut butter, chocolate, and dessert wine. He also has Extra Plating for extra longevity, which I typically use so that I’m ‘safe’ through the Inflation turns.

After you beat Feasel The Fireworksier, you get a new Darkmoon pet bag. Mine contained the same old standard battle pet & Darkmoon gunk as that other Feasel’s. The new pet Syd The Squid also has a chance to drop, much like the Darkmoon Eye.


But, Christoph Von Feasel isn’t all bad. He may have just given me a new motto:


Jeremy Feasel

Update for 6.0: This strategy still works really well for a two-pet carry strategy. To complete this leg of the quest An Awfully Big Adventure, this same strategy can be employed, though it may be a good idea to try & absorb a few more of Fezwick’s hits with your Elekk Plushie to ensure a victory.


Jeremy Feasel at the Darkmoon Faire is a difficult fight to be sure. But how can someone so cordial be so annoying?


Look, he’s even waving. How nice of him. Well, his annoying nature is in no small part because of his damnable monkey Fezwick.


Annoying little Beast. His mechanical tonk, Honky-Tonk can be problematic too, but the tonk doesn’t wear a hat like he’s people. The third in his team, a magical darkmoon eye named Judgement, is the reason we come to the Faire to demolish some pets… the eye is only obtainable from the bag Feasel gives as a daily reward for beating him, and that’s really the only thing in those bags worth obtaining. But, you know, thanks for the grooming kit, Jeremy.

This is the lineup I typically use:


Eagle-eyed observers will note that this is virtually identical to the Major Payne lineup. Well, that’s because it’s the same screenshot and I’m reusing it. For Jeremy though, I usually lead off with my Fel Flame. Dante can typically lay out the first two pets Payne sends at him, as long as he leads with his most damaging DoT (Dragonkin for the Eye and Elemental for the Tonk) and the immediately uses Conflagrate.

Conflagrate typically eats up at least half of Judgement’s health pool and more than that for the elemental-vulnerable Honky-Tonk as long as they’re burning while I use it (hence, dotting up first). Because it’s 2 hits, it doesn’t trigger the magic pet type bonus, where they can’t be dealt more than 40% of their health in one hit, either. After that, I do the less effective DoT, then continue using the strong one until the pet dies. By then, conflag is usually off cooldowns and can be used again once I make sure the new pet is burning.

Feasel will always lead with these 2 pets and then use Fezwick as the anchor. Usually, Dante can take out both these pets on his own no problem, but if he dies before the second one is down, my clockwork gnome Prufrock can step in to finish things off before he has to take on Fezwick.


Prufrock’s mechanical attacks are strong against Fezwick. The real enemy with Fezwick is RNG. If you get stunned a lot, you may be screwed, which is why I keep Ishmael as my strong defense anchor. Sometimes all I can muster with Prufrock is a turret before Fezwick uses a combo of his quicker speed, stuns (which can break the gnome’s Repair ability) and high damage strikes to burn him down. As a result, if you’d like to use this strategy to powerlevel I’d definitely recommend you use something a bit higher level with a bit of defensive power, or just be prepared to burn some tokens.

Darkmoon Faire

It’s the first full week of the month, so the Darkmoon Faire is open once again. Easy profession skillups and the XP-gifting carousel are the typical draws, but Darkmoon Faire is both a pet collector’s boon and curse.

There are 12 pets obtainable only at the Faire! And look:


That’s 7 pets just sitting there waiting to be claimed. The Darkmoon Balloon doesn’t fight, but it’ll add to your unique pet total. The Darkmoon Zeppelin is particularly of interest… it makes beating the Thundering Pandaren Spirit Tamer far easier (more on that in a different post). But boo, look at all those tickets you have to earn. If you only do the Faire on one character it’ll take months just to get all of those guys.

There are 2 battleable pets only available at the Faire, too. They’re even generally lower level, so it’s easy for even novice battlers to win a Flying Darkmoon Glowfly.


The other battleable pet is only obtainable as a second to the Darkmoon Glowflies above level 5. The Crow is functionally identical to the Gilnean Raven, but is another slot in your unique battle pet arsenal. It took me nearly a half an hour of battling Glowflies and their hangers-on that my typical battle team annihilates in a couple turns just to get a crummy gray one, so if you have Flying upgrade stones to spare this may be a good pick to burn it. If you don’t fight Crows, some of the other seconds include seagulls and roaches, if you need one of those.

But the Darkmoon Faire isn’t just for low-level tamers.


For the cost of one Darkmoon Token per try, you can challenge Jeremy Feasel to a pet battle. If you win his daily quest you get a special bag of Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which has a chance to drop the Darkmoon Eye. ooooh! But no upgrade stones. boooo.


Keeping in the ‘boo’ theme, one of these 12 pets is obtainable only by fishing. And fishing. And FISHING. If you don’t have fishing, that’s fine. These waters are very low level, so with a regular old fishing pole, the crappiest lure you can buy, and a fishing trainer on the dock you’re on your way to wasting hours of your life to get this little bugger. You can also get the Sea Pony from your server’s AH. Personally, I’ve been intending to level fishing anyway, so I’ll keep fishing. And. fishiiiing. And watching TV, and drinking box wine. How else would you fish in-game?

So, that’s eleven pets accounted for. The twelfth?


This menacing location is home to a difficult boss world boss with sharp pointy teeth. If you’re able to join a raid which is able to kill the rabbit (which is a somewhat dicey proposition), in my experience it is quite likely the rabbit will be ninja looted by the group leader or otherwise fought over or ransomed. So, good luck. If you are very lucky the raid member who won it will drop the Darkmoon Rabbit on your auction house, and then you can buy it for 100,000g, give or take.

It’s Darkmoon Faire time again. Enter, if you dare, pet battler.

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