Diemetradon Hatchling


I admittedly have a soft spot for these guys. Dinosaurs gotta stick together, amirite?

There’s a very special thing about these dinosaurs in particular that makes them heartwarming. It has nothing to do with how they fight. It’s how they spawn: almost literally.

The Elder Diemetradon mobs in the area have a chance to spawn as a ‘mother’ diemetradon. This won’t change the mob itself in any way, but after a couple minutes, it will spawn a baby diemetradon hatchling!


If you fight that diemetradon hatchling and kill it, the mommy will make a new baby diemetradon in a few minutes which is actually really screwed up if you think about it. Once the elder diemetradon mobs are spawned they won’t spontaneously become mommies, so if you’re hunting hatchlings you’ll have to put them down, preferably via a moonfire to the face.

To farm these guys for a rare, I set raid markers on the diemetradons I knew were mommies. After around 10 minutes of circling to make sure I’d marked all the momma dinos, the carnage began. Eventually, enough non-momma diemetradon respawned as moms for me to farm up a rare, hooray!


A few other animals share this unique, adorable pattern. Cheetah Cubs and Infested Bear Cubs do, and I’ve heard Tiny Twisters do too, though I haven’t tried this out myself. Flayer Younglings do too, though that’s even more disturbing as they’re humanoid type pets.

As a fighter the diemetradon is a fairly standard Beast, with a mix of critter and beast attacks. He has one of those handy two-turn abilities where, if you kill something with it you gain health, and a mix of critter and beast abilities otherwise. But the novelty of his relationship with his mom is enough to make him a fun choice to seek out for a tame.


Maybe today you should give your own mother a call. She worries, you know.

4 thoughts on “Diemetradon Hatchling

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      There are a few cute unique ones like this… if you don’t know what’s up though, these can be difficult to tame. I get the feeling Unborn Valkyr’s mechanic is going to be kind of similar to this come 5.3!

  1. Navimie

    I think giraffe calfs do too? But they are so rare that I truly have no idea if they do or not.
    I don’t know about those unborn valkyr. .. I reckon it will be on the death of something. ..

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      I’ve heard that they do, but I’ve never seen it happen myself, but not for lack of trying. I only managed to finally snag a giraffe calf with my top secret super difficult patented “grab one after a reset” strategy.

      augh, the val’kyr. I’m both excited for and dreading them, lol.


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