Kun-Lai Runt

With 5.3 coming, I figured it was a good idea to start profiling some of the better PVP pets. Max level pet PVP is going to see a lot of action very soon, so you can tame this guy to help you succeed.


The preferred breed for the Kun-Lai Runt is 4, or P/P. Right now, but getting fixed with 5.3, his stun Deep Freeze is broken in your favor. It ignores the resilience buff and stuns anyway. Even without benefit of a bug, that stun plus his humanoid ability Takedown, which hits for over 300 damage, and twice if a pet is stunned, are crazy, crazy deadly.

Before 5.2 you had to team him with a pet with a chill like Blizzard, because the runt’s Frost Shock was broken and didn’t apply a chill effect. This can still be a beneficial synergy, as you can then sub out Mangle for the low-ish damage Frost Shock and not have to worry about your opponent swapping pets in the round after you frost shock. Watch out though, because if your opponent has a Runt in their lineup as well (and they will) Blizzard also buffs theirs.


My Blizzarding pet of choice to pair with my runt, Hyde, was a Winter’s Little Helper named Jekyll (I mean, obviously). This is still also good synergy because she has her own delayed stun in the form of Ice Tomb. Double stuns to complement an awesome ability which hits twice when your opponent is stunned? I don’t think I need to spell this out here.

Another good, possibly better, choice for Blizzard synergy is the Tiny Snowman, which has an AOE attack and is elemental. This gives you protection against counters, since both Jekyll and Hyde are humanoids. Better than that, because Elementals aren’t affected by weather effects, opposing Runts won’t be able to use your own Blizzard as a chill effect against you.


If you come up against the Runt in PVP, and you’re going to come up against the Runt in PVP, your best counter is to use a pet with a lot of Undead attacks and hopefully some healing over time spells (so you get heals while you’re stunned, or in the back row). A Restless Shadeling, Ghostly Skull or Giant Bone Spider are popular picks. The Scourged Whelpling is another choice I’ve seen a bit of, but I haven’t had much success with him as a counter.

In PVE he can also pack quite a punch. He’s a good pick to beat that jerk in the Dragonblight, Okrut Dragonwaste.

He’s not all killing machine, though. Sometimes, he just wants to quietly sit and contemplate the fleeting beauty of the wildflower.


As the wildflower begins to die the moment it is picked, so does he, because if he’s picked we’re going to go PVP. Nice knowing you, Hyde.

8 thoughts on “Kun-Lai Runt

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      I’ve been doing PVP as a part of The Leveling Project (just a little bit because at these levels it’s zomg OP XP, spoilers). This pet is on nearly every team. Really, the counters section is more important than the actual pet info.

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  3. Jabari

    Argh I’m about tired of seeing these! LOL

    I’ve just started up PvP-ing. Running my version of the Clockwork team (Jade Hatchling, CWG, Fel Flame for DoTs and Conflag (plus, Elemental!)). Used to run an Oozeling in the third slot, but they uber-nerfed Corrosion so that it’s not the Shield-breaker that it used to be. Don’t have a Scrouged Whelpling – going to have to try to pick one of those up to try it out.

    As a side note, Frosty seems to be a good companion to the KLR – saw that a couple times and got shredded by both.

    Considering a new team of double Val’kyr and (probably) Crow to deal with all the Runts and Magical Crawdads (the other one I see an absolute TON of). Just need one more Val’kyr to try it! *laugh*

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      If you’re fighting a runt with a Blizzard partner, frequently if you swap in your Fel Flame you can make short work of things, because Blizzard doesn’t affect them, so the Runt combo won’t work. But, the Fel Flames are typically glass cannons, so you have to burn, burn, burn.

      My experience is that newer PVPers use this team, and then get all flustered when you swap out on them and then you win. Just remember you’re playing against people who get frustrated and just want to see that *ONE* pet die, and unlike PVE it’s typically really advantageous to swap pets as frequently as you need to.

      I’ve also noticed that as I’ve gotten more & more practice (eg, lost a whoooole lot of fights) it gets easier to win, because you find the common patterns. Oh, your Crawling Claw just cast a dot on me? I’m going to swap in my lowest health pet so I can keep using my 2nd lowest health pet. etc. It gets more fun the more practice you get, it’s just that you have to keep at it.

      And I do hope that you keep at it! Thanks for commenting.

      1. Jabari

        I was doing pretty well actually – just started trying because of the quest and achi (though I didn’t even know about the Direhorn at 250). Went 10-6 which is decent, but I started 7-1 and it felt like it went to crap after that. *chuckle*

        Only ran across a couple people who looked “new” to it, and only a single non-rare pet.

        Was having trouble dealing with Shields more than anything. Think I split about 50/50 with the KLR teams. *shrug*

        Couple questions on your Clockwork team:
        1) How often do you use Repair? I’m using Blitz there, as the CWG is quite quick and it’s good with Lightning Storm. Or is Punch just better even if Blitz hits 3 times?
        2) I’ve used both Fly and Cyclone on the Hatchling, but I think I’m going to settle on Fly for a couple reasons: It’s another “big hit” against Shields, and against any team where Cyclone is good the rest of your stuff is good too and it seems like overkill. (Plus, I hate Crawdads *laugh*)


      2. Liopleurodon Post author

        I’ve sort of retired my Thunderstorm team because of what you’re describing… it can get shut down really, really easily. I opted for a Black Claw team, featuring a Zandalari Kneebiter. It’s so, SO much more burst, and far more difficult to counter.

        Repair depends on what I’m facing. If I’m up against a swap or interrupt time I try to time it around that. Beyond that, once I get to half health or so. I see lots of people use blitz too. It’s really just how you prefer to play, honestly, which is such a crap answer, but. Blitz likely wins out in a Black Claw team but Repair is a security blanket for me.

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