First Look: Tamers of Draenor

Once again, WoW Developer Jonathan LeCraft has been busy, and has been kind enough to share his work on twitter.


This Gilnean girl, the first Tamer we’ve seen new for Warlords of Draenor, has a very unique team. Most of her pets are nigh-unattainable by most players, the exception being the pet hailing from the Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls expansion pack (which coincidentally launches today), the Treasure Goblin. All 3 pets on the team are references to Diablo, so perhaps this is less coincidental than it seems. The Treasure Goblin is a humanoid with a lot of Magic attacks and a few defensive moves.

Most enviable is the Mini Tyrael battle pet. Mini Tyrael is a Humanoid with entirely Humanoid moves. Considering these first two pets, it seems like an obvious conclusion that an undead pet, or a pet with a wide complement of undead moves, will be excellent to have in your pocket to beat this new tamer. The third pet on the team, Mini-Diablo, is the only magic battle pet here, and he has quite the varied moveset. It’s next to impossible to recommend a hard counter here before seeing his actual move setup as a result.

The most interesting part of this post though, is the text of LeCraft’s tweet, indicating that this particular tamer will be showing up at our brand new Garrisons! This leads me to all kinds of wild speculation about Garrisons and how they interact with pets, but considering that I have my professionalism hat on just now, I’m not going to indulge. We already knew that Garrisons were going to play some role in how pet battles shape up in Warlords, but continued confirmation of that is really nice.


something something Mini Tyraels growing out of the ground like weeds something something.

If you’d like to help Mr. LeCraft name this team, he’s open to suggestions.

3 thoughts on “First Look: Tamers of Draenor

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  2. Dobablo

    I had seen the news tweet but not really thought much about it until I read through your post and was inspited to write my own speculation. Thanks

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