Edit – Yep, this was an April Fool’s joke! I know a lot of people think they’re played out, but I had fun pulling it together. I hope I didn’t get anybody’s hopes up too high!

With the phrase, “I was told this would be popular,” WoW Dev Jonathan LeCraft, as always, has tweeted a pic of a new pet. This time, it is the long-awaited Lil’ Illidan, or as I like to call him,

lillidan wow world of warcraft pet battle lil illidan


You guys. I can’t even with this. I realize that posting memetic sentence fragments is unprofessional even with my typical colloquial style of writing but no really the feels.

lillidan moves wow world of warcraft pet battle

He also included a stats & moveset screen, which doesn’t really reveal a ton, other than Lillidan is very powerful but a little sluggish. Even so, I could not be more excited to own this little terror, so I can tell him to hush any time I damn well please.

I’m not sure yet whether he’s a part of another iteration of Raiding With Leashes, or if he’s from the Pet Shop. Either way, he’s certainly going to be a part of my collection as soon as I can get my grubby mitts on him.

3 thoughts on “Lillidan

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      ditto! I think that if they do release one it’ll be a lot cuter & ‘chibified’, like how Lil Rags/Lil KT was. Or maybe I just hope that, whichever!


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