This walkthrough will be mostly about how to do a cool thing with a cool thing and… well, let’s just get started.


Greyhoof is located in the Valley of the Four Winds, near Stormstout Brewery. He is in book 2 of the Beasts of Fable daily with Lucky Yi and Skitterer Xia. Greyhoof’s offense is mostly tied up around Roar. Meaning, after he Roars, your pet is going to go down quick with his buffed Hoof and Trample. He has no defense or healing to worry about. You just have to kill him before he kills you.


The Wild Golden Hatchling is there entirely for Call Lightning. Any other pet with Call Lightning will work here. A Tranquil Mechanical Yeti is probably the best pick overall, but it doesn’t really matter. The Clockwork Gnome and Lil Bling are relatively key, but we’ll get to that in a minute. The Gnome’s Build Turret and Lil Bling’s Inflation and Make It Rain abilities come into play here, and all of those are unique (relatively) to each pet.

To start off the fight, we’ll cast Lightning Storm with the Wild Golden Hatchling, then swap to the Clockwork Gnome for a turret. Here’s what happens next.


Each tick of the gnome’s turret effectively hits twice, because Lightning Storm buffs each hit with an extra hit of its own. It’s nice. Kinda cute. But we can do better. We’ll swap to Lil Bling, then go right into Inflation. Inflation is a series of small hits, buffed with the Lightning Storm, which is nice too. Then, the Shattered Defenses debuff kicks in for the Turret fire.


That damage ticks 3x per round, so with the turret and Lightning Storm synergy alone it’ll take just 4 turns to complete this fight, but you’re also getting the 3x ticks from Inflation. If Inflation runs out, a quick Make It Rain will finish this fight.

The damage from Lightning Storm obeys all debuffs on each pet, so any additive or multiplicative debuffs have amazing synergy with it. A Lightning Storm strategy was one of my favorites in PVP before the duration on Lightning Storm was halved a few patches back for this exact reason. If you don’t have a Lil Bling to use, you can use a similar strategy with a Wild Magic or Exposed Wounds pet, though without the finisher Lil Bling brings with Make It Rain. This is definitely a glass cannon strategy more than a control strategy, but since Greyhoof has no real defense to speak of, this is a good place to use it.


I’ve also had success here with the strategy I used for Kafi, though it’s a bit harder to predict exactly when Greyhoof is going to kill each battle pet, making this a hit or miss proposition.

3 thoughts on “Greyhoof

  1. Awenina

    Hi! Try this method (taught to me by a friend), Water Spirit : Geyser, Whirlpool. Swap for Chrominius: Howl and Surge of Power. Most of the time, Greyhoof will be dead now. Third pet of choice.

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