Clockwork Gnome – PotM

This month, my compatriot Quintessence and I wrote about the Clockwork Gnome over at Warcraft Pets. I totally admit that there’s bias, because my un-cuddly Prufrock is one of my all-time favorites and go-to battle pets.


Beyond his adorable tiny mustache and the fact that he’s a robot and robots are almost as cool as dinosaurs, he’s a wrecking ball. His turret is my favorite moveset, just because I think the DoT play style is really fun. The nature of the turret’s relative permanence (ie, the DoT doesn’t ‘fall off’ when your target dies because it’s independent of your target) makes it a lot less fussy to maintain in a team fight than most other DoTs.

There are a lot of other things to discuss with this teeny marvel of engin–wait, my notes say archaeology? Those Titans are at it again, I guess. Anyway, head on over to the Warcraft Pets site for the full rundown on my metal friend here.

2 thoughts on “Clockwork Gnome – PotM

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      The archaeology pets tend to be really cool. I’m not sure yet what all the new types are, but I’d like to get behind the idea of a skeletal arakkoa.


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