Crow – Warcraft Pets PotM

The battle pet I wrote about this month for Warcraft Pets was the Crow. Besides being real excellent ambiance, and a good frill for a lot of classes & races in RP, the Crow is a deadly fighter worth adding to your stable.

gilnean raven wow warcraft pet battles

Crows are a bit difficult to tame, just because of their limited timeframes and unique spawning pattern. They bring an additional fun minigame to the Darkmoon Faire, already chock a block with games.

I will admit though, that I’m still a bit partial to the Gilnean Raven. My main is a Worgen, so I have that bit going for me. I was also lucky enough to snag the P/S variant. If you weren’t that lucky, that would be an excellent reason to try & tame your own Crow. Check out the full post over at Warcraft Pets and you’ll see what I mean.

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