Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer

Update for 6.0: This strategy is up to date. If you’re here on your Awfully Big Adventure with your Elekk Plushie, just follow the advice given below for a normal leveling carry.

Also, I did finally get my Burning pet. Thanks for asking!


For now, this guy is my white whale.


Oh, I can beat his face in no problem. In fact, this is a powerlevel guide, after a fashion. But I would like to have his tiny doppelganger for my own, and he simply will not drop from his bag. It’s a real love-hate thing, because he does kind of have a cute face, but good lord am I sick of seeing it.



And yes, I know that I can just buy one for myself off the AH if I so choose, but now? Now, it’s the principle of the thing.

He has 3 battle pets: Crimson the Dragon, the Pandaren Fire Spirit, and the firefly Glowy. Oddly, the 2 non-elementals don’t have wowhead links. The real obstacle in this fight other than missing links is the dragon, for a few reasons. Here’s my lineup:


The most obvious thing here is that the pet to be leveled is rather high, at level 22. This is because the first pet out of the gate, Crimson, has the ability Cyclone, which has a chance to inflict 150+ damage to any of the pets on your team every turn for 5 turns. If this debuff isn’t present, Crimson will almost always use it, and with Liftoff for mitigation he usually gets a chance to cast it twice, so this debuff typically lasts at least 10 rounds for me. As a result, though RNG plays a factor, I don’t use any leveling pet below level 20 on this fight, and I avoid aquatics (which are vulnerable to the flying damage) altogether.

Crimson’s last ability and main dps ability, Breath, is of the dragon school, which is why I choose Radley the Scourged Whelpling. He’s undead, so dragon abilities ain’t no thang. With his Plagued Blood ability, Radley usually destroys Crimson, and gets through at least part of the Burning Fire Spirit.


Many people use the Rapana Whelk and other snails as their tank of choice, but I’m obviously rather attached to my crab Ishmael. This is one instance though, where the crab just will not do the job. Being aquatic, crabs are very vulnerable to that back row damage from Cyclone I talked about before. Snails are classed as critters, so they don’t have that same problem. Because the whelk is a critter, all of the Fire Spirit’s offensive abilities are weaker against him too, making him really ideal for the second leg of the fight.


One thing you should try to do though, is to use your whelk’s Dive ability to avoid Conflagrate. The spirit usually casts it whenever it’s off cooldown. If you miss it you can still win, but even with the mitigation it can be a big hit.

The third battle pet Glowy has 1 flying DoT ability, a combo DoT and reflexive damage ability and the critter ability Swarm, which increases damage taken by 100%. If it can hit. Luckily, it’s a series of small hits, so any pet with Shell Shield or the like will be able to avoid it. Like oh, I don’t know, maybe a snail.


After the Fire Spirit is dead, cast your shield immediately and keep it up. You pretty much just win eventually, because Glowy can’t hit you. It does take a while though.

And then maybe one day, you’ll get a mini Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer of your own.


——7/10/2013: added a walkthrough video!

10 thoughts on “Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      After you beat Aki, there’s a breadcrumb to do all 4 spirit tamers from the tamer NPC in your faction’s city in the Vale. You should also get Beasts of Fable.

    2. Liopleurodon Post author

      I can’t seem to reply to the comment downthread, so hopefully this nests properly. Other than what I outlined vs Burning, I use my pug (any pet with Burrow works well vs the elemental), my crab to kind of spot fill & mop up until the 3rd pet comes out, then use my Darkmoon Zep with explode. The crab has to stay alive because explode is pyrrhic. For the air guy, use a few dragons and the scourged whelpling if you’ve got one. I liked the burrow strategy to fight the elemental in the water fight, because he does a lot of burst with geyser. He has tidal wave too, so pets like the gnome with the turret get hosed, and it’s not ideal at all for leveling.

      I’m working on guides for the other 3, and have a guide further down for the Beasts of Fable. feel free to ask any questions… I’m losing my mind from doing pet battles probably, anyway.

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  4. Brent Butler

    For this fight, I use Kun-lai runt and the Crawdad. The Runt must have enough speed to be faster than the dragon after slowing it down. My strategy:
    1. Slow down the dragon
    2. Freeze the dragon
    3. Meet the incoming elemental by slowing him down
    4. and 5. Punch him in the face
    6. Slow him down again
    7. Freeze him
    8. Meet the incoming dragon by slowing it down
    9. and 10. Two direct attacks kill it
    11. The elemental reappears

    At this point the script breaks down, but in essence, do as much damage with the Runt as he can before the elemental finishes him off. Then bring in the trainee. Your trainee should be at least in the 17-22 range because of the dragon’s Cyclones. That level pet can often finish off the elemental. Don’t push the limit on his health though, because the elemental will likely DOT him. It’s very frustrating to be having a great battle and see your trainee collapse in the background!

    Finally, bring out the Magical Crawdad. While he took extra damage from Cyclone, that’s OK because he CAN take a lot of damage. Use his shield and Wish right away, then snap at the elemental until It’s dead. After that just keep shield up against the fly. You won’t need to Wish again, but do it anyway if you get nervous. Snap at that old fly for the win.

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