Easter-Themed Pets


The Easter Bunny came to our house today and left a bunch of candy for baby girl. Here’s a short post with a few Easter-themed pets you can buy in-game to celebrate the holiday. In a roundabout way, it brings real life in-game. You’ll pay for pets, and I get to pay for Stanley Steamer after a toddler smears chocolate all over the couch.

Elwynn Lamb – Purchased with tokens from the Argent Tournament. His group heal Bleat and sleep ability Soothe make him a decent support pet. Also, Jesus symbolism, so.

Egbert – An egg that hides itself the night before Easter would be fantastic. He’s kind of crappy as a battler, but look at him go!


Jade Crane Chick – A lovely spring green baby bird, aw.

Mulgore Hatchling – An ugly as sin pink baby bird, ew.


Crimson Lasher – A pretty pink flower that seems to enjoy lighting things on fire.

Pterrordax Hatchling – How amazing would it be if waylaid eggs during the egg hunt turned into a bitchin dinosaur instead of disgusting?


Mr. Wiggles – After the austerity of the Lenten season and fasting since Good Friday (because that totally happened), what’s better for Easter dinner than a nice fat ham?

Snowshoe Rabbit – Purchased from either Yarlyn Amberstill at Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh, or a Pet Battle trainer if you’re a dwarf. Bunnies are kind of THE thing at Easter.


Sprite Darter Hatchling – Baby dragons aren’t all that festive on their own, but this guy is all manner of Easter pastels. He would totally be at home perched on a church lady’s easter bonnet.

Spring Rabbit – The Noblegarden-centric favorite. Obtained either during Noblegarden (which starts tomorrow!) or off the AH. Has several interesting idle actions. Will make a leap to you if you get too far away. If you find another person with their rabbit out, they make lots of tiny baby rabbits. Nothing says Happy Easter like bow chicka wow wow.


Bow Chicka Wow Wow to all, indeed!

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