I have a toddler, so I hear this question like eighty thousand times a day. But one day, I started thinking about it in terms of pet battles.

Up until now, I’ve been pretty much assuming that you’re here because you’re a Tamer in some capacity, whether you’re just looking for your first basic tips, or looking for help with end-game PVE. I know that there are many World of Warcraft players out there who could not give less of a damn about my beloved battles though, no matter how hard the Singing Sunflower tries to hypnotize them into it.


Even if you’re not all that into the whole pets thing of it all, I’d like to hopefully supply Why You (yes you) non-Tamer, should try out the minigame.

I’ll skip the two most common arguments I see: Pets Are Cute! They Give You Achievements! If you thought pets were cute enough to be worth collecting you’d already be doing it. If you’re an achievement hunter at all, you know they give you achievements. They have their own tab in the achievements window.


So, duh. And yeah, that was me skipping them. Ahem. Moving on.

The most notable reason to start pet battling is probably lesser charms. You have a chance to get Lesser Charms from virtually any pet fight as long as you’re level capped. I’ve gotten from 2-6 at the end of any particular battle. This means even if you’re just in queue for LFR or whatever, and you pull out the cat you just bought from Donni Anthania to kill rats in Stormwind, you could get several lesser charms in the meantime. I got 3 of them from the very first pet battle I did on the 5.3 PTR. Yeah, you could just do dailies to get these instead. But look, if I ever see Anji Autumnlight again it’ll be too soon.


I still need to accumulate Lessers to trade for Mogu Runes so I can repeatedly get a second shot at a Ji-Kun Hatchling or whatever. I’m sure there are other uses for the Runes as well, like gear or something. Psh. The chance to get a charm increases based on the level of the pets you fight, but you get them regardless of whether you fight them with all like level pets or with level 25 ringers. When I was doing the Beasts of Fable battles, I averaged 20 per day just from doing that, which means there are 20 meaningless tasks you have to do for these bozos.

Even if you’re not max level, now that pet battles grant XP, that’s a good reason to start battling. As I noted in this post, the XP starts off kind of crappy at low pet levels. I don’t know about you though, I’d rather level an entire team from scratch again than go through Hyjal or Vashj’ir again. Especially Hyjal. But ESPECIALLY Vashjir.


I don’t know about you, but I just started twitching a little. As noted above too, you can queue for LFD and pet battle instead of questing for an extra XP boost in between.

The last reason I’m going to mention is financial. There is a lot of coin to be made buying and selling rarer pets in general. The thing is, if you level up those pets your margin suddenly drastically increases.

lvl25 lvl25auction

It takes literally an hour to level a pet like that from 1-25 if you have a few trainers left up in Pandaria for the day, but even if not it doesn’t take terribly long. It’s also more effort so you’re less likely to get into undercut wars with other players. Most of that hour is travel time too, so combine that with a gathering profession and you’re really in business.

You can also get upgrade stones, which will make you a ton of coin if you trade in pets like the Argent Tourney or Childrens’ Week uncommons. Even just the BOE stones (which are admittedly exceedingly rare) can go for upwards of 5K a pop.


I really hope I convinced you to give pet battling a shot. Even if you weren’t convinced, at least I’m comforted by the fact that I don’t have to do Vashjir again. So, win win, right?

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