Childrens’ Week

Yeah, yeah, I know. This holiday has been around since 2006 or something, and the achievements have been identical since 2008. Everyone knows what’s going to happen. But, this is the pettingest holiday of the year, and I don’t mean the 8th grade disappointing movie date variety.


There are 10 pets up for grabs, and they’re only available for this one week! Speedy, Mr. Wiggles, Whiskers the Rat, Scooter, Peanut, Willy, Egbert, Legs, Curious Wolvar Pup and Curious Oracle Hatchling are all ready and waiting to go to any psychopath willing to drag a parentless child around a dangerous, hostile landscape for kicks.

The catch is that you can get 3 at most with any given character, since it’s not a repeatable quest. Personally, right now I have 3 pets left to collect (Scooter, Legs and Egbert) so I’ll have to do the Shattrath quest on at least 2 characters.


I’ll be live streaming my quests to my channel on Monday April 29th at 12:30 EDT (that’s 4:30pm GMT for my EU peeps) and another at 9pm EDT. The latter may include PVP, if I feel like it. I’ve already done the School of Hard Knocks achievement, but this is for posterity. Also, I figure there’s nothing funnier than watching a noob PVP. Entertainment!

If you still need to do the School of Hard Knocks achievement, there is an excellent walkthrough done by Cynwise in his blog, Cynwise’s Warcraft Manual. You can try to play along with me, too, but I suspect mine will be less helpful walkthrough and more drinking and bitter tears.

There doesn’t seem to be any additions to the holiday from past years, but I’ll update this space if there is, or follow me on twitter for up to the minute flailing of arms. For a general walkthrough, see wowhead’s very good offering. WoWInsider has an in-depth guide to the associated achievements.

Happy Childrens’ Week!


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