Zandalari Raptors

These little guys first entered the game when 5.2 was released.


There are 4 of them in different colors, and each has multiple breeds. I tend to favor the speed breed, but it’s really personal preference. They all randomly drop from the Zandalari Dinomancers, though at this point you may have better luck farming them off your friendly local auction house. Blizzard decreased the drop rate on them after a couple weeks, and they tend to go for 2-3K each.

Each color has a slightly different moveset, and one of them is entirely missing the ability which made me fall in love, but only these mini-Oondastas have it.

Black Claw.

I really can’t adequately express how fun and amazing this ability is in photos, so I made my very first vlog! I hate myself for using the word vlog, I honestly do. And it’s a long one, but it’s also a video walkthrough for the Nitun and Dos-Ryga Beasts Of Fable fights post-5.3. I may or may not need an editor.

As noted in the video, I love this in PVP and it also makes the revamped Beasts of Fable fairly trivial. He’s just all-around fantastic.

I chose the Kneebiter, because every so often I can use Bloodfang to try & heal him. The downside of these pets (all of them!) is that they might as well be made of slightly damp paper towel. If you look at them wrong they keel over and die. Bloodfang also does crazy, crazy damage with the various debuffs you can lay down.

The Anklerender is a good option for PVP as well, but the similar healing ability Devour shares a slot with Black Claw. Dudes, we are taking Black Claw on these pets if the other option in the slot is literally any other pet ability available in the game right now. The reason the Anklerender might be a better choice for PVP is because he has the Primal Cry full team speed debuff ability available in the 2nd slot, and speed is quickly becoming the decider in PVP.

The third baby Oondasta with Black Claw is the Toenibbler. He has a similar setup to the Anklerender only instead of Hunting Party, which adds that additional damage multiplier, he has Flank. It hits a few times and all, but this makes him kind of an underwhelming choice.

A quick mention for the 4th pet of this type, the yellow-toned Footslasher. He has the Exposed Wounds ability instead of Black Claw. The debuff does a similar thing, but to a smaller magnitude, for a longer duration. So, it might be easier to manage, but it won’t have nearly the burst.


The glorious, glorious burst.

12 thoughts on “Zandalari Raptors

  1. Jabari

    At work, so I can’t look anything up right now, but…
    Black Claw is just the Beast variant of Wild Magic, correct? (increase damage from each attack by 72-ish for 5 turns).

    If so, what’s the advantage of using a raptor over the Azure Whelpling (and perhaps the Voodoo Figurine once they do something with Simulacrum)? The Raptors don’t have anything else on par with the Huge IceBomb of Doom that the Whelpling can throw out there IIRC…

    (Actually, that’s why I was so much in love with my Oozeling – that effect was built in to Corrosion, along with a built-in DoT and an absorb that double-dipped into that effect. Alas, my poor oozeling was considered OP…)

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      Sort of. The debuff exists for fewer turns and adds on 144 dmg per hit, almost double Wild Magic. Every tick of the gnome’s turret hits for almost 200. They also have Hunting Party, which is basically Swarm, so it’s 3 hits per round for 220 total, with an additional debuff that does 100% extra damage, which is multiplied after you add on the 144 from Black Claw. So, when you do the math, each hit on that second hunting party does roughly 600 damage per tick. It is out of control nuts.

      1. Jabari

        Eek. That’s pretty broken. Didn’t realize it was that much added extra.

        I can’t believe that they put something like that in, while completely changing Corrision because it was OP… Wow.

      2. Liopleurodon Post author

        I’m going to guess that it’s still in because of the limited duration… Wild Magic is the same-ish thing as Mangle too, only Mangle adds I want to say 40? 50? damage, but lasts 10 turns. Using these abilities is all about the synergy. And Hunting Party has a sizable cooldown.

        But it still feels a little cheaty, heh.

      3. Jabari

        I’ll have to pick some of those up and try them tonight. They just drop off the dinomancers up there, right? (Not the direhorns or devilsaurs)

        Looking at the notes, Black Claw was actually _already_ nerfed once by 20%. 144 is _still_ way too high, even at only 3 turns.

        You know off the top of your head something that has both Immolation and Scorched Earth? (I’d far prefer something with both Immolation and Death and Decay *evil laugh*, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist.)

  2. Jabari

    Bah, forget the AH. I need to go up there anyway with my hunter to tame a direhorn and a black dinosaur (to match my sweet ride) anyway now that I actually have spare stable slots. :)

    (Plus, dinosaur bones for the porcupette, which I’m still a long, long ways away from)

    1. Jabari

      Status update on Raptor Hunting:
      I was about to come here and whine that I never get any Kneebiters (3 Anklerenders, 2 Toenibblers, 2 Footslashers), but then I got Kneebiters on back-to-back pulls, and another one 10 minutes after that. :)

      Didn’t take too long, but I have a completely OP hunter than can pull 3 or 4 of the Dinomancers at once and live. (Though I did die once. Oondasta spawned right on top of me when I was in the center. That was quite a shock!)

      In process of leveling them up – raid night tomorrow so I probably won’t get very far on them for a few days.

      No speed demons unfortunately – got one with a ton of Power and a couple that look balanced. (I don’t have that addon that shows the X/Y breed thingy, so I can’t get any more technical than that *chuckle*) Oh well.

      Oh, and there was only a single Kneebiter on the AH. For 10k.

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