Gilnean Raven

This bird is in vogue bigtime, and it’s not just because it looks really good.


But enough about me.

Lots of people suggest the Gilnean Raven for PVE and PVP both, because of a really slick 1 – 2 punch it packs.


Darkness is generally an annoying ability to come up against in PVP, because it both makes it more difficult to hit you with key abilities, but makes you heal half as well. But, the Gilnean Raven has an ability, Nocturnal Strike, which relies on it (otherwise, the hit rate is super low). Nocturnal Strike hits very hard, especially against Aquatics, which makes this girl an excellent pick to go up against the Aquatic type Beasts of Fable. There are a good number of fliers with Nocturnal Strike, but not many of them pair it up with a Darkness ability as well. The only other pet with both is the Crow. The two of them make kind of a pair, so I named my Raven Pallas and my Crow Athena.

Darkness makes for some deadly synergy with some other pets too, namely the Pandaren Monk. It’ll also be good to pair with the upcoming Aspect pets from the Celestial Tournament since (as of this post, subject to change etc) they all have the Spectral Strike ability.


But you can do that if you just have a Crow. In a reference to the Raven’s tooltip, the Raven is the only pet with the ability Nevermore. Nevermore is a very cool ability that can be used to shut down a few specific PVP strategies as well. As an example, Death Grip is on a 3 round cooldown. Death Grip or other force swap abilities are the most popular strategy I’ve seen other PVPers adopt right now. In general, you can count out those 3 rounds and use Nevermore, and lock down their force swap, for a glorious 8 rounds without having to deal with the ability… as long as your pet is faster than theirs.

I’ve seen several tamers who use Nevermore pair it with Darkflame instead of Darkness. Darkflame doesn’t give you the extra miss debuff, and it works against Elementals. Since Darkness is a weather effect, elementals can still heal & hit you to their little hearts’ content.


You get the Gilnean Raven by being a Worgen and buying her off any pet battle trainer. You can only purchase them once per account, however. They can be purchased off the auction house as well, but expect to pay a pretty penny. They start off Uncommon from the vendor, so you have to either stone them, or buy an upgraded one.

In terms of breed, the only one you can buy now is B/B, so if you can find a different one on the AH, you may want to snap it up regardless, as the off-breeds will likely sell for crazy cash in a year or two.

I have a soft spot for her… well, let’s be real, I have a soft spot for almost all the pets I use on a frequent basis. But there’s something special about this wily bird from Gilneas.



Postscript: I mentioned in passing that The Gilnean Raven would be an amazing name for a superhero, and Akabeko from Red Cow Rise took that observation and ran with it. I completely love this.

10 thoughts on “Gilnean Raven

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      Thanks! It has really amazing utility for a starter pet. You’ll need a flying stone though, because they start off Uncommon (I should’ve noted that in the post, argh!).

  1. Jabari

    Hmm – I have a lvl 25 rare Crow. Don’t have a raven. Do I have to do anything special (beyond creating a Worgen char) to get it, and is it worth it if I already have the Crow?

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      You’ll probably want to get a raven at some point, because you have to get ALL the things, right? lol. Nothing special, but you do have to play the worgen to level 13 or so to get out of Gilneas. If you’re just going to use the Darkness/Nocturnal Strike combo the crow is fine, and has better options for breeds.

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  3. Delolin

    Hello. Please help me out. Is the nevermore hability broken? I tried on PVP, Rare, Legendaries and it always fades!!!!! Is it only my ravens?

    BTW Once I new what it means I really like your Nickname :)

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      Hi! Thanks for reading.

      Nevermore’s ‘silence’ lasts for 5 turns only. There are oddities about speed. If you’re faster and use Nevermore turn 1 your opponent can use it again turn 6, but if you’re slower, it’ll silence on turn 2 (after they perform the action!) and they’ll be able to use it again turn 7.

      1. Delolin

        Hi! Thank you for sharing your knowledge :)

        I’ve tested this hability using rare 3 lvl 25 ravens and I can tell that Nevermore is fading after 0-1 round on enemy rare 25 pets and after 4 rounds on wild level 1 pets.

        Maybe it’s just a bug on the Spanish Realms.

    2. Liopleurodon Post author

      The log will say that it ‘fades’ from your Raven when it’s applied to the opposing pet (and that’s when the ‘next 5 rounds’ starts), but other than that it’s working properly for me. I’m not sure what to tell you, other than to submit a ticket, and maybe ask on the official forums. Sorry I can’t be more help.


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