Midsummer Festival

While everyone else is busy burning things down or whatever, I figured I’d put up a short post with the pets available for this holiday.


There are 2 pets you can get, both elementals. The Spirit of Summer has a moveset identical to the Fel Flame I love so dearly. The Spirit’s stat allocation is slightly different, and it is only available in Breed 13, B/B. It starts off Uncommon quality by default, but they’re tradeable so you may be able to snag a pre-stoned one off the auction house.

To get one you need to do a whole lot of holiday stuff to get a whole bunch of flowers, which are apparently currency, somehow. Even though they’re like, on fire. Whatever, Warcraft. Each spirit costs 350 flowers.


The other comes from doing the holiday boss, Ahune. The first time you kill him each day, you are awarded Satchel of Chilled Goods, which has a chance to contain a Frigid Frostling. The Frostling will throw a snowball at you which makes it snow, but he’s otherwise fairly unremarkable. His moves include the accuracy diminishing Slippery Ice and the ever-popular stunner Ice Tomb, plus the aquatic Surge.


The Frostlings are fairly rare, but also tradeable. They start off rare, so don’t worry about stones.

Ahune’s loot table has also been upgraded to ilvl 480, but psh, gear.

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