Celestial Tournament – Xufu

xufu xuen wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

Xufu was the most difficult boss for me to figure out a solid strategy for, and yet has the simplest solution.

The strategy for Xufu revolves around his Spirit Claws ability. It does a whole lot of damage, but it has an 80% accuracy, which then becomes 100% if the weather is moonlight. Yes, he casts Moonfire.

xufu moonfire wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

I mean, of course he does. Sigh. So you have to have a pet with some kind of weather effect to counter Moonlight. I like Call Lightning, because I always like Call Lightning. Call Darkness is also an effective choice, because in Darkness the accuracy of Spirit Claws plummets to 70%. I wouldn’t recommend Sandstorm, because with the Boss buff you’re not doing a ton of damage to begin with.

xufudarkness wow world of warcraft pet battles celestial

The other reason I’m a fan of Darkness is Xufu’s Feed ability. Darkness is one of the few ways to counter a heal, and Feed heals Xufu for the amount of damage he does, like Absorb or Consume. If you look at the difference between Absorb and Consume, Consume’s baseline hits a bit harder than Absorb, but Consume has a turn cooldown to compensate. Feed is such a big hit (with such a big heal) it’s on a 4-turn cooldown. But, because it is a 4-turn cooldown you can kind of plan around it. Generally, I did this with the Decoy ability on the Darkmoon Zeppelin or Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. Decoy is really powerful here because each of Xufu’s attacks is a single hit, so you buy yourself several rounds of uninterrupted offense each time you use it. If Xufu should happen to miss with Spirit Claws on one of those attacks too, it’s super, super sweet.

xufu lightning wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial

You’ll note from the video I didn’t make good use of my typical Lightning Storm-style offense. This is almost entirely because of the new nature of Lightning Storm. It now lasts a mere 5 turns after being cast, and that first pet isn’t long for this world. With the mechanical resurrect turn, you have 2 or 3 turns of Lightning Storm at best for the 2nd pet on. Not much time to construct a solid damage over time offense, let alone stack damage debuffs and all that other nonsense. Don’t worry about the shorter duration though. Xufu won’t re-cast Moonfire until after the full duration of his first one would’ve passed, 10 turns later… unless you cast Nevermore on his Spirit Claws, and then he’ll use anything else at his disposal. Though, because we’re using mostly mechanicals, that’s an alright strategy too. The magic Moonfire doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it typically would. If you do cast Nevermore with your Raven though, make sure you take your Raven out before the next turn or he’s going to get creamed.

xufu wow world of warcraft pet battle celestial tournament

Ultimately, as long as I use a weather pet, and then something with Decoy, and back it up with another offensively strong mechanical in the middle, I win at least 75% of the time on PTR. That one fight when Spirit Claws never, ever misses is usually the percent where I end up crashing and burning.

I said there were two methods of doing this, and there are. But the second method is the Universal strategy, usable for nearly any single pet in World of Warcraft, so it’s getting its own post.

7 thoughts on “Celestial Tournament – Xufu

  1. Shura

    Nice strategy, I really want that the tournament goes live to try all this fights.
    One suggestion, I’m leveling pets this weeks before the patch according to your posts, trying to have a strong team of pets at the release of the patch to enter the tournament since day one. Will be very useful a post with a recap of all the pets that would be nice to have in order to smash all those tamers and spirits. Thanks and keep going on with the blog! :D

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      I planned on doing a ‘here’s the links to everything’ post after I finish up with the Tourney walkthroughs. And then having a well-deserved margarita.

      Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for reading!

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  3. Navimie

    Lio, your strats have been invaluable! The only bummy thing is that I have different pets at max level so I had to fiddle around but I think that your whole celestial series is brilliant and I keep coming back to read it (and link it LOL)

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      I’m so glad you found them helpful! I have different pets at max too, silly PTR. The thing that kills me is you get multiples of ridiculous pets. Like, FYI, Xufu is super trivial if you happen to have 3 lvl 25 Dragon Kites bumming around. GLAD TO HELP. lol.

      Thanks as always for reading, and ESPECIALLY linking (but especially reading).

  4. repgrind

    I finally beat the tourney tonight. I think I would have given up in disgust if not for your excellent guides. I had to do some creative tinkering … I don’t have many of the essential pets leveled. But you give a general idea of what sort of strategy to use, so I was able to make something work based on your advice.
    Thanks for all the work you do! :)

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