The Beakinator

beakinator wow warcraft pet battle menagerie

Winner Most Ridiculous Name NA 2014

The Beakinator is one of the many rotating challenges you can face in your garrison’s Menagerie. He is a Flying battle pet, with his attacks split between Flying and Mechanical damage. But that Mechanical stuff is a doozy.

Here’s the team:

beakinatorteam wow warcraft pet battle draenor

Because Beakinator uses a good amount of flying damage and is a flying battle pet, yet again we’re using our magic damaging dragons. In terms of swaps, the best option not shown here is the Emerald Proto. The dragons with the Arcane Storm + Mana Surge combo, like the Nexus Whelpling, are poor choices here. The most important thing in the Infinite Whelpling’s moveset is the Darkflame ability, which is shared by a few other battle pets. I’d pick dragonkin here if at all possible but the Dark Phoenix may be OK in a pinch.

I would definitely recommend sticking with either the Nether Faerie or Sprite Darter in the 2nd slot, because Life Exchange is so extremely useful against single-pet fights.


The scariest bit to avoid, just looking at Beakinator’s moveset, seems to be Wind-up. While it is a LOT of damage to take at once, our pets all have heals and due to the nature of Wind Up and our reduction from the Dragonkin racial for Alpha Strike, we’ll be alright with that.

Actually, no. The main threat here is Touch Of The Animus.


It’s a per-hit reflexive heal debuff. This is why the heal-preventing Darkflame on our last pet alive is so important. Before we get down to that battle pet, we can just swap out whichever pet gets that debuff. Because Alpha Strike is 2 hits, and due to the Boss buff, each round we stay in with that debuff will heal Beakinator for the equivalent of 500+ damage we’ll have to do to take those heals back off.

This is also why those multi-turn magic abilities, fairly common among the magic-damaging Dragonkin battle pets, are out. You need to be able to swap out ASAP, and though those abilities do excellent damage they lock you into the attack for far too long.

Beakinator is the objective of the first-tier Menagerie quests, Scrappin’ for Horde or Battle Pet Roundup for Alliance. I believe he may also be hungry for Froot Loops.

They’re Grrrreat? I may be stretching here.

5 thoughts on “The Beakinator

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  2. elemjayoh

    Great line up! I used the Emerald Whelpling, Dart Spriter and Infinite Whelpling (who didn’t even have to join the battle!).
    Started with Emerald Whelpling, Moonfire and then Emerald Bite until Touch of Animus got tossed. Then switched to Dart Spriter, cast Life Exchange (because on the first round after you switch, when you can’t do damage he will hit you with the burst from Wind Up). Then it just took three Arcane Blasts to make him bite the dust. :)

    Thank you for the excellent guides, I always come to this site when I need to check tacts for boss pets. :)

  3. silly goose

    Used Nether Faerie Dragon, Pandaren Water Spirit and Chrominius.
    Life Exchange, Geyser, Whirlpool, Howl, Surge of Power and The Beakinator is down.

  4. pagussol

    Thanks for the advice. Managed to beat him using only a Level 18 Nether Faerie Dragon. Moonfire, Arcane Blast, Life Exchange, Arcane Blast till dead.

  5. Debu

    Use Celestial Dragon: moonfire, arcane storm, flamethrower, flamethrower, moonfire, arcane storm and beakinator should be dead.


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