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Elite Pet Battles

Maybe I should say, quote-unquote ‘elite’ pet battles. I was very excited for this feature, but as I noted, couldn’t find much information about the nitty-gritty of the battles. So, with a 45 minute queue behind me and a graphics card that could not be less happy with me, I set off!

I picked up the quest Beasts of Fable from Sara Finkleswitch as I logged on.


From what I understand, this quest opens up alongside the Pandaren Spirit Tamers after you beat Aki.

This round of battles, it is one legendary pet vs your entire group. You can screw around with making up the perfect lineup if you’d like. There’s an excellent, very thorough post on WoWInsider you can use as a guide, in addition to all the locations. The thing is, it isn’t needed. At all. I was able to solo almost all these pets with one pet. Here’s my lineup:

elite beast lineup

The first thing you probably noticed was an unnamed level 23 resilient roach. He’s just there for insurance. I cast Apocalypse, then immediately send him to the back row. If my other pets don’t manage to kill the fabled beast in 15 turns, I win anyway. This goes through dive, and none of the Beasts are beetles or roaches, so you just… win. I chose the level 23 because it was the highest one I had at the time. Insurance is also why I have my trusty non-critter tank crab Ishmael in the lineup. He’s basically there as a meat shield just in case my nether faerie dragon Spenser doesn’t get the job done.

So, what makes this dragon so OP? In a word (well, 2) Life Exchange.

Basically, the Elite pets are supposed to be 3 pets in one. And that’s the thing, they’re in *one*, meaning they have a huge health pool. Life Exchange as it’s coded now ignores the HP cap of the dragon, which means it looks like this:


I chose the Nether Faerie Dragon as the vehicle for this, but it honestly doesn’t matter which pet with this ability you pick. With one fell swoop, you will deal at least half of any of these fabled pets’ health.

I expect both these strategies to get fixed somehow, because at this point it is too easy. Though, you do have to kill a whopping 10 beasts at all ends of Pandaria to finish the quest for your reward, the red panda.

You should note that when you turn it in you can re-do it immediately as a daily if you’d like. The bag reward has a chance to contain a non-red red panda, and apparently has a much higher drop rate on upgrade stones, so it’s worth redoing. Also, as seen in the below screenshot, you have a really decent chance of getting Lesser Charms with each fight you do. Because people might run low on those, I guess.

One additional thing to add. Remember that level 23 resilient roach? Well, he’s not getting much XP out of the deal, even with my Safari Hat on.


So, this isn’t really a good time to try powerleveling your level 1 undercity roach.


It’s Patch Day, Patch Day, Gotta Get Down On Patch Day

5.2 goes live today, hooray! There is a new, very exciting feature coming for pet battlers. In addition to the new pets available in the new zones, Elite Pet Battles are live!

Unfortunately, I didn’t play the PTR this round, so I don’t have any firsthand information for you. And even sadder, no screenshots. Well, okay, here’s one.


I haven’t been able to find much of any information on the new Elite Pet Battles, so expect a full writeup from me in a week or two. This forum post is the only info I’ve found, and though it’s rather cursory, it does reveal some helpful information for those of you venturing out get your red pandas. Don’t get distracted by that red pandas thing. HEY! HEEEY! OVER HERE! Worse than my toddler, I swear.

According to that post, all the new pets are either a beast, a critter or an aquatic. This means we can form a few teams that’ll have a shot at winning before we know much else. My personal choices will likely include the clockwork gnome for his heavy beast damage and my emperor crab for his staying power. It looks like a couple of these will need something like the rapana whelk’s avoidance ability Dive too, but since whelks are critters, they’ll be a poor choice against the beast type.

But, back to the red pandas. RED PANDAS! After you beat Aki and unlock the Pandaren Spirit Tamers quests, you will now also unlock the quest Beasts of Fable, which seems to require you to beat all the elite battle pets. After you do, you get your red panda, and it also turns Beasts of Fable into a daily quest, which gives you yet another bag of random pet crap. That bag of crap sometimes contains an alternate colored red panda! Also, it apparently has a higher drop rate on upgrade stones, so it may be worth doing daily.

According to the forum post linked above, these elite pets are as easy as Tamer Nishi, and considering how awful Nishi is this is a little hard to believe. The comments on the Red Panda wowhead link above seems to indicate that these battles are very difficult, on the order of Major Payne or Aki. I can’t vouch one way or the other, so exercise extreme caution when at first you engage these elite pets.

There is a lot of information circulating on the new battle and pets obtained from bosses on the Isle of Thunder though. WarcraftPets has a list of all the new pets obtainable in-game. wowhead has a more comprehensive list with locations and abilities, though this list is a bit out of date as, sadly, Pierre is no longer on the table for 5.2. Also somewhat sadly, the Fluxfire Feline has seen significant nerfs, and the Reflection ability has been replaced with the less powerful Deflection. This will likely make pet pvp more enjoyable for some and less enjoyable for others. El’s Anglin has an excellent guide to catching the new fishing pets, too. Yes, fishing. Ugh.

Here’s a link to the full 5.2 patch notes as they apply to pet battles.