Tirs & Fiero


Tirs and Fiero are two more pets that show up daily at your Garrison’s Menagerie daily, for either the Scrappin or Battle Pet Roundup dailies. This fight is pretty challenging, but I think I found a fun, unique way to beat it.

Here’s the team:

tirs fiero team wow warcraft pet battle draenor

The Scourged Whelpling in particular has a few tricks up his sleeve. The rest of the pets do big Aquatic damage, which will eviscerate those Elemental battle pets. The best choice for these last slots are going to be magic pets with big Aquatic damage as well as dodges, but those are relatively quite rare. If you have a Syd The Squid hanging around after 6.0 that’s definitely a great alternate choice. Gnathus’s main move as the anchor is Swallow You Whole, and there are several other options which use that move as well. I would definitely try to pick one of those up, though.

So, firstly, that whelp has an odd moveset, and is kind of a weird choice in general, but the very first thing Tirs does when he steps up to the plate is cast Cleansing Rain. This means that this is probably the only time we’re ever going to want to use Dreadful Breath with our Scourged Whelpling, and here it really pays off.


Each round of Dreadful Breath will do nearly 200 damage to both Tirs and Fiero. I can typically get both down to just about half health by the time the Whelp dies permanently.

After that, it’s all about the burst. Both Tirs and Fiero have incredible burst. Tirs will cast Pump, which you can deflect a few times with your Croaker’s Bubble. However, when Fiero comes out, all bets are off.


Not only does Fiero have a lot of burst, including the 50% accuracy RNG darling pictured above, but his regular abilities hurt pretty bad as well. The solution I chose is to out-burst the burst. Because of the mechanics of Swallow You Whole, once you can get Fiero to 25%, you win. And he already starts off at just over half health, so as long as you can get just a couple abilities to hit, you’re going to beat this fight.

7 thoughts on “Tirs & Fiero

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  2. Rejuvenate

    I didn’t have a frog with bubble shield so I used snarly, the first round after scourged whelpling dies he charges a pump but then the next turn he uses acid rain. You can kill him with rake and then blood in the water before he gets his 3rd turn to actually use pump

  3. johnathan

    The filthling was incredible as a lead pet, I subbed him for the scourged whelp because he is magic with dreadful breath. First 3 turns were stench – creeping ooze – dreadfully breath.

  4. Pfenix

    I managed to 2-man this with Pandaren Water spirit level 25 and Scourged Whelpling level 23.
    Spirit set up Water Jet/Whirlpool/Dive (Whirlpool and dive when available, otherwise Water Jet)
    Whelpling set up Tail sweep/Death and decay/Dreadful Breath (only used breath)

    The Pandaren Water Spirit soloed the first pet, and had a Whirlpool up when he Went down for the second pet.
    Had a second Scourged Whlpling as backup but never needed him.

  5. Zack/Tirok-Thunderhorn

    The Oily Slimeling becomes hilarious and winds up letting me basically beat them with just him. I threw in Zomstrok after that and took them out right afterwards.


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