Manos, Hanos, Fatos


This Magical trio is another of the many fights that await you in your Garrison’s Menagerie. I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to reference. Maybe nothing. It seems like something though, doesn’t it?

In any case, reference or not, they will meet their match with the following team:

hanos team

I used a slightly different team for the video, but my explanation should bear out either (and this one is slightly easier to obtain).

The first dragon has a weather change ability. Another thing to note is that, because our opponents are Magic battle pets, using a big move like Deep Breath would just be a waste since most of the damage will be absorbed by that Magic family racial. I find it the most useful to pick just a full team of dragons with dragon moves, but a case can be made for the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, as the only strong-defending Mechanical battle pet with the strong-offense Dragonkin moves.

The first thing Manos does is change the weather to Arcane Winds, and then he’ll attempt to combo that with Mana Surge for additional damage. The first thing you have to do then, is change the weather in return.


The Wild Golden Hatchling’s Call Lightning is fantastic, as is the Spawn of Onyxia’s Scorched Earth as used in the video. Another option is the myriad of Dragonkin pets with Moonfire. You want to avoid Darkness here though. The rest is relatively straightforward. Just beat him up until it’s Hanos’s turn to rumble.


Hanos is annoying because he has a dodge move. I like to use my Emerald Whelpling or Emerald Proto-Drake here. The style of dodge Hanos uses counts down, so I can use those dodge turns as a natural stopping point to cast a heal with either of those two. This can also be a good spot for the Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling to use Decoy.

The reason we avoided Darkness to counter the previous pet is because Hanos’ main attack, Sneak Attack, deals additional damage to blinded targets. He will also cast a Blind effect occasionally with Flash, so if you have an avoid to use, the turns where you’re blinded is the time to use it.

Fatos is the last battle pet you’ll encounter in this particular Menagerie fight. It uses Forboding Curse which is an additive debuff, but will make your pet slower, so this is a good spot to add a battle pet with Tail Sweep. This has some pretty good synergy with Arcane Slash, which deals additional damage when it’s faster. Its last damage move, Seethe, has a relatively wide range of damages as well, but is relatively straightforward. Just keep on using your Dragonkin moves to beat him up. I especially like the Infinite Whelpling here because that luck-based Sleep can put you at an advantage, but that’s up to you.

Then you can retire to your fishing shack, or whatever else it is you crazy kids are doing in your Garrisons these days.

Get off my lawn.

8 thoughts on “Manos, Hanos, Fatos

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  2. Sean Sullivan (@excalibrax)

    I’ve liked your other guides, but this one is hard to read, your graphic on the pets is so small, and you don’t really go into detail of the moves and when, Maybe a bigger graphic, or a detail of the movelist you choose would help.

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      For the most part, the moves I didn’t mention are straightforward attacks, but you’re right, I should have discussed them in more detail. Next time they come around, I guess!

  3. none

    Some people just dont want to go into details like why is some move or pet better, they just want simple strategy: use these pets, with these abilities, and use them in this order: etc, etc.. I prepared a team like in the picture, then watched video with different pets, my Golden hatchling died before Manos which in return put Arcane winds back on and I was pretty much finished. Please be consistent with your guides, because right now this single example is unusable.

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear you had such a hard time with it this last go around. I do tend to be more about explanation & giving options, rather than just saying ‘do x, y, z’.

      The Wild Golden team will definitely work, though you’re right that if the Golden dies you’re pretty much toast. I’ll happily do a video for it the next time it comes around. Thanks for the suggestion, & thanks for reading.


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