King Floret and Queen Floret


These flowers heard you painted some white roses red, and now they’re back… for revenge.

This fight is quite tricky, as both King & Queen Floret use Righteous Inspiration. When they do, frequently, the result is a one-shot death. So, how do you counter that?


A magic pet, of course. The Disgusting Oozeling in particular works well on this fight because when King & Queen swap, they take their DoTs with them. The other battle pets with this moveset work well of course, oozes and blobs and whatnot, as well as a few others. The Twilight Fiendling or Viscidus Globule are excellent picks for this strategy. We do want to stay away from Curse of Doom dots, because of how we’re using that 2nd pet (but to make up your own strategy, you may want to keep it in mind).

The Kneebiter is absolutely indispensable here, but won’t play well with Curse of Doom. You may be able to make something work with a Summit Kid or something like that, but I don’t put a ton of stock in that because it doesn’t lend that Black Claw additive buff. The final pet, the Shimmering Wyrmling, is a bit rare because it’s from the Argent Tournament. It does have a far less rare counterpart, the Mana Wyrmling, which is available off a vendor in Outland, but the Mana version starts off Uncommon. The main ability in play here is Deflection in addition to that Magic family ability. There really isn’t another good option, though if you’re desperate a Magic pet with Illusionary Barrier may work.

The fight gets off to a very quick start, when the 2nd thing Queen Floret does is use that Righteous Inspiration swap. The first thing she does is use an unbuffed Fist Of The Forest for 800-900 damage which is really your only warning.


Or, whatever 35% of your active Magic pet’s healthpool is. The first thing King Floret does as well is that 800 damage Fist Of The Forest, only now it’s buffed by Righteous Inspiration. If you’re using a non-magic pet you must use some kind of Deflect or Dodge or whatever on this or your pet is absolutely going to One-Shot Battle Pet Heaven.

Your very first pet will live long enough for a couple of DoTs on both pets, at which point the Zandalari Kneebiter will come in.


Oddly enough, now that the big-hitting Fist Of The Forest is on cooldown, your Kneebiter can roll through several turns of buffing with Black Claw and Hunting Party, since the rest of the King & Queen’s offense is relatively lackluster, and especially so against Beasts. Your Kneebiter will absolutely ruin King Floret, though unfortunately by now, Queen Floret’s Fist Of The Forest is back up. Your Kneebiter is on its way to Battle Pet Heaven.

From here on out, your only recourse for avoiding that deadly Fist is going to be some kind of outright barrier, and that’s what the Deflection is for. Luckily, because of your pet’s Magic racial, even if you just avoid something you’ll be in good shape, but in general it’s a real good idea to use it the turn after you see Queen Floret use Righteous Inspiration.

As long as you can avoid that Fist Of The Forest, you’ll be in good shape.

If not, don’t worry. They have fetch balls and all the bandages you need in Battle Pet Heaven.

8 thoughts on “King Floret and Queen Floret

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  2. Melissa C.

    Thank you! I didn’t have all these pets at lvl 25 so I used Fel Flame, Oily Slimeling and restless shadeling. They all have dots and so I was able to get those bastards down :D

  3. Michael Pate

    I just got extremely lucky – 20 Oily Slimeling, 25 Zandalari Kneebiter, and 25 Syd the Squid (from last month’s DMF). The Key was Syd’s Bubble – which gave time for Whirlpool to land.

  4. Zach

    Something changed with their behavior. I did the fight about four or five times in a row today and Queen Floret refused to swap preferring death in four of the five. Good night and good luck!

  5. James

    Just wanted to share my dream team on this one…
    Gold Beetle, Spectral Porcupette, and Molten Corgi
    Start with Gold Beetle
    – Apocalypse
    Swap to Molten Corgi
    – Puppies of the Flame
    – Cauterize
    Swap to Spectral Porcupette
    – Illusionary Barrier
    – Pass
    – Pass
    Swap to Molten Corgi
    – Puppies of the Flame
    – Cauterize
    Swap to Gold Beetle
    +++ BAM – Meteor takes out whichever Floret is up
    – Hiss
    – Use Scratch until the Gold Beetle buys the farm
    Swap to Molten Corgi
    – Puppies of the Flame
    – Cauterize
    – Use Flamethrower until Molten Corgi chases that big bone in the sky (unless… Puppies of the Flame or Cauterize come back up before your Corgi dies.
    Swap to Spectral Porcupette
    – Use Bite until the other Floret is dead.

    Note: If the Molten Corgi dies before one of the Florets is dead, chances are you will not finish the fight. I did the fight this way four times and only once failed.


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