Squirt – Deebs, Puzzle & Tyri


This adorable little tamer hails all the way from Sanctuary, and has a full team of Diablo-themed pets for you to reap some souls from.

Here’s the team:


The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is the most obvious pick in the first slot, because Deebs is a Magic pet that deals Magic damage, and the Dragonling is a hard counter for both. I’d suggest a pet like the Emerald Proto-Whelp instead, with dragon abilities and lots of longevity instead, but it’s going to be an uphill climb. The Fel Flame provides a weather effect and a lot of burst DPS. Battle pets with Moonlight & Sunny Day should be down your list of effects to choose because the last 2 pets on the opposing team are Humanoid & their family heal will be buffed by this. Mr. Grubbs is on the team because of his reflexive heal and Burrow, which increases his longevity. Some other Undead pets will work, like the Restless Shadeling or the Fossilized Hatchling, but you need a pet with a lot of sustain to get the job done.

Deebs, the Lord of Terror begins the fight. He’ll use the offense-dampening move Weakness, which is another part of why the Dragonling is such a stellar choice.


It can just Decoy to avoid that debuff & get in some really good offense. Deebs also uses a move which roots your pet in place, making teams with excessive swapping less viable.

The trickiest part of the fight is going up against Tyri. Tyri will use Darkness to Blind you & then use Surge Of Light to do big damage & stun.


This is why we need that short-cooldown weather effect from that Fel Flame’s Scorched Earth. Surge of Light gets a huge buff from that Darkness, so it’s imperative we change the weather ASAP. The other benefit is that the Fel Flame will burst down Tyri before Tyri can destroy your back row with his other move, Omnislash, an AoE. The absolute best choice would probably be Frosty, the Wrath Of The Lich King CE battle pet, but that’s not exactly a fair suggestion. Any pet with a lot of burst damage and a weather effect will do. An alternate tactic, which I lack the timing to be terribly successful with, would be to use a pet which benefits from Darkness but is sturdy enough to withstand that stun turn.

Puzzle the Treasure Goblin is less tricky than he is annoying, with a myriad of dodges, so you’re going to need a pet with a lot of self-healing & its own dodges to finish the fight. As an added issue, Puzzle will also cast Greedy, making your pet take additional damage, but also deal additional damage, which is why I really like the Grub pets with Consume, which scales with that additional damage dealt.


You know, provided you can hit the slippery little jerk. Use your Burrow on those Dodge turns & you & your grub should come out on top.

10 thoughts on “Squirt – Deebs, Puzzle & Tyri

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  2. Gendou

    Finally, a tamer battle where Frosty can shine!

    Frosty is my all-time favorite pet – he was my first to 25, despite being a less-than-stellar battler.
    Even so, his happy little chirps make me smile, so I have to have him with me whenever I start exploring a new expansion.

  3. Elitesucks

    frosty is overrated and not everyone has one gendou . in fact I don’t care to have a frosty in my lineup after i’ve fought the little bugger a few times. so don’t suggest frosty because very very few people have him. ergo. foir the record mods. MAKE SURE YOU LIST PETS THAT CAN BE AVAILABLE TO US ALL!! it annoys the HELL out of me when people say oh you can use so and so. ( what if you don’t have it huh???) and NOT find a potential suitable substitute to the unobtainable pet in question. if youre going to make a guide make it with the available pets for everyone and not screw around with oh you need a frosty or a WRC ( for those who don’t know. WRC is WInd RIder Cub) or a Deathwing or …… get my point? not ALL of us can get those kinds of pets and I try and be fair with pitting myself up against others who have the same live as me. sure I really like my wind rider cub. but I don’t think it fair if I use him all the time against people who can’t get one.. . therefore I think it immensely fair to name the capable pets everyone can get and then maybe add subs as a sidenote.. but leave the goddamn unobtainables out of the main part of the list.

    1. Liopleurodon Post author

      Frosty *is* a supplemental suggestion. The main team listed here & in the video is a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Fel Flame & Mr. Grubbs (though any grub pet with that moveset works there). Sorry for any confusion!

    2. Gendou

      Goodness. That’s certainly a needlessly angry reaction.

      If you read the actual post, Frosty isn’t required for Leo’s strategy. He’s just an alternate suggestion for those of us who might have him.

      As for me, I was just happy to see Frosty show up, as he’s my favorite. There’s really no need to be so upset over that. Honestly.

  4. Ali @ Jamhands.net

    Was able to get this but I didn’t use scorched earth as the timing was just never right and it kept killing my grub. Skipping that made for an easy win using the pets you detailed in the post. Thanks!

  5. sean bowley

    Found a much simpler team, 2 max speed breed death adders from timeless isle and mechanical dragonling. Not 1 of my pets even went to 50% hp. Easiest match-up yet in my opinion.

  6. Sistersong

    I feared I would fail misserable cause I don’t have those pet mentioned above.
    But I did manage with other pets.

    I had in my team:
    – Frosty (to start with) with Frost Breath, Shriek, and Blistering Cold
    – Sporeling Sprout with Charge, Creeping Fungus and Crouch (don’t know if he is a good suggestion as I didn’t have to use him)
    – Silkbead Snail with Absorb, Shell Shield and Headbutt

    I killed the first magic pet with Frosty and the both died about the same time. I kept Blistering cold up and use that in the round Frosty rissen from the dead.
    That helped a little.
    From there on I used Silkbead Snail and it was terrible easy.
    Just keep the shield (refresh it before it expires) and use Absorb.
    It kept my snai above 50% and killed the last two pets easily.

    Frosty you’ll only get if you boughted the Litchking collectors edition way back, but you can use any other magic killer.
    You can even use a second magic killer as I haven’t used the Sporeling Sprout.

    A Silkbead snail can be caught easily on Draenor.

    Hopes it helps.

    1. Blanaid

      Wow…the Silkbead snail was an excellent choice!! He took care of the 2 humanoid pets and didn’t even go below 50%! Thanks for that suggestion!!


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