Brutus & Rukus


This team of 2 troublesome piggies has a few unique twists in the Menagerie ring, but as long as those piggies are Beasts, we’ve got the Mechanical cure.


The only battle pet on the team which is crucial for this strat is Lil Bling. Lil Bling has unique moves and is the heavy lifter, so the other pets can be fudged a bit. If you don’t have one, other than urging you to visit your local Auction House because Lil Bling is really good, I’d suggest a flying pet with Flock like the Ancona Chicken as a possible stand-in. The Yeti is easily replaced by another pet with Call Lightning. A Wild Golden Hatchling or Skywisp Moth is far more obtainable. The Yeti does provide an extra bit of insurance with Ion Cannon, which is why that’s my top pick, but it’s pretty much a security blanket. The Clockwork Gnome’s turret is quite unique, but a DoT, especially one placed on the front pet like Swarm Of Flies or even a weaker one like Death & Decay will work pretty well too.


Rukus & Brutus have a self-heal at the end of every round, so when we kill them, we want to make sure there’s no getting back up. We’re going to do that with a combo play.

We’ll send in the Clockwork Gnome to build a turret. Then the Yeti swaps in to cast Call Lightning. At this point Brutus has some really nasty tricks up his sleeve with Winter Spirit dealing lots of damage to both, because as Mechanicals they’re really vulnerable to it. He’ll also likely use Pig Out (a mechanic similar to Feed) after you use your Call Lightning, because hey, why not. Enter Lil Bling.


Lil Bling is the key to this fight, because he has an extremely strong Mechanical DoT in Make It Rain, but moreso because of the havoc Inflation wreaks. By itself it’s pretty strong against these beast battle pets. Paired with Call Lightning, the turret from the gnome and that Shattered Defenses (which multiplies all of the above) it will render these piggies into bacon in a handful of turns.

Rukus can make things a little tricky, by using Bloodfang to heal itself. Rukus will also use your own medicine against you by using Hunting Party, which has a similar mechanic to Inflation. This will kill Lil Bling pretty quickly for the same reasons. However, even though Lil Bling has passed on, his Shattered Defenses debuff will remain. One last Call Lightning should finish the job.

Just FYI, I don’t think Serr’ah or Lio would be too pleased if you actually made Brutus & Rukus into bacon, so maybe don’t. Or at least go over near the fishing hut or whatever.

11 thoughts on “Brutus & Rukus

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  2. raniphae

    Thank you for the guide!

    I’m fairly new to serious battling, so of your suggested pets, I only had Lil’ Bling. Starting out, I attempted the alternate team with a Mud Jumper for Swarm of Flies and a Wild Golden Hatchling. However, I found that, without the extra mechanical damage from the gnome’s turret, my team was dying too fast. Ultimately, I found success running the Golden Hatchling and the Menagerie Custodian for the latter’s Ion Cannon. I opened with the Hatchling’s Call Lightning and switched right to Bling, then applied Extra Plating before starting off on Inflation. While this was only enough to kill Brutus before Bling went down, reapplying Call Lightning, plus Lift Off to take the edge off Hunting Party, and then closing out with the Custodian’s Ion Cannon, got me the win.

    So I guess the conclusion I’d draw from that is that the Gnome is more important than you thought, so Ion Cannon is definitely great (maybe essential) to have as backup without him.

  3. Autumnsong

    Iron Starlette, lil bling, Onyxian whelp also can carry the day here, although not consistently. lil bling is, indeed, the difference maker.

  4. Henry Cook

    I found a second team that finished really strong: Darkmoon Zepplin, Darkmoon Tonk and Menagerie Custodian. The Tonk and Custodian both have Ion Cannon and will kill either Rukus or Brutus when at half health and the Decoy on Zepplin gives you a head start on Rukus. Also Tonk and Custodian has Shock and awe which crittted both times for me and doing at least 800 damage when it didn’t crit on one run. This just give some alternates that also work.

  5. John S.

    In my experience, if things so sideways with Lil’ Bling dying too soon, Ion Cannon on top of Shattered Defenses is your “win or die” last gasp. That’s why I like the comp presented right here.

  6. Steve Jaber

    Hi. Any reason you don’t start with Call Lightning? That way the turret does more damage for four turns. Call is still up for the Ion Cannon later, too. Just curious.

  7. Kondara

    skywisp moth for call lightening, robochick for wind-up, clockwork gnome for build turret… begin and end with skywisp and make sure you have up cocoon strike to dodge. haven’t leveled up lil bling yet but this works pretty steady in it’s place. You may lose robo-chick but once you’re down to one boar the skywisp handles this fight surprisingly well with the dodge.


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