Warcraft Pets Pet for April – Spring Rabbit


I had a lot of fun writing about this critter for this month’s installment of Warcraft Pets’ Pet Of The Month. It’s frequently my MO to pick the cuddliest battle pets I can to enact maximum carnage on my enemies, because I find that hilarious. This bunny has always been one of my go-to pets for this.

The reason I went with this specific rabbit is because Noblegarden starts in under a week, so it’s prime time to highlight him. There are a lot of other bunnies out there, but this is the only one with a really cool pet interaction, plus it has an S/S breed by default. I talk at length in the post why this is useful, plus a few strats and tips as always, so go ahead and check it out!

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Lucky Yi

luckyyi wow pet battle

Lucky Yi is an unassuming little cricket in the second book of the Beasts of Fable dailies. He’s a stone’s throw away from Farmer Nishi in The Valley Of The Four Winds.


Lucky Yi has 3 abilities. One is an enormous heal with a component that increases his maximum health. He also has Uncanny Luck, which increases his chance to hit by half and his chance to crit by a quarter, and the straightforward Quick Attack, which always goes first, and either hits for 300 or over 500, depending on whether he crits.

So, this is a fun one.


In this particular strategy, the Hatchling’s main role is to provide Exposed Wounds. There are many other pets that can do the same, or use Wild Magic. Either works well here, but the extra Beast damage provided by the Hatchling’s Bite is a really nice perk to using the tiny raptor. The Summit Kid can be swapped for a different Lamb, but there aren’t a ton of choices here. This is the key pet for this strategy, with Chew and Stampede. The Zooey Snake is a beast pet with a lot of good synergy with the other two because of its poison, but just about any 3rd beast will work out really well here. I’d recommend a monkey with Banana Barrage here too.

The first thing you’re going to do is throw that additive debuff up on Yi, then swap to your goat. This is where the combo comes in. We’ll use Chew, and then use Stampede to apply the Shattered Defenses debuff. That next round, Chew will also hit, now doubled by the huge buff from Shattered Defenses.

yi chew pet battle wow

Stampede itself also gets a really hefty bonus from that Exposed Wounds buff, but don’t get too comfortable, because the fight isn’t over yet.


Lucky Yi’s heal, with his incredible 549 power, heals for over 700 damage. Even halved, that’s a significant amount of healing to overcome, which is why I go for burst over a heal debuff team. Most heal debuff pets don’t have good utility against a single critter, and those that do tend to be hampered a lot by the Darkness accuracy debuff. Lucky Yi’s Uncanny Luck means that he is not, so I find I have a really dicey time due to RNG when I try going that route.

After Stampede runs its course, I Chew, which hits from the back row, then swap back to the Lashtail, both for a big Bite buffed with Shattered Defenses, and to refresh Exposed Wounds. I then swap back to the Goat to Chew and Stampede again, then (if necessary) swap to the Snake.


In general, Chew when it’s ready, keep up that Exposed Wounds buff, and Stampede as a filler and you’ll be in really good shape.

For more options, the strategy for Nitun works excellently here, as does the Howl Bomb team.


Edit – Yep, this was an April Fool’s joke! I know a lot of people think they’re played out, but I had fun pulling it together. I hope I didn’t get anybody’s hopes up too high!

With the phrase, “I was told this would be popular,” WoW Dev Jonathan LeCraft, as always, has tweeted a pic of a new pet. This time, it is the long-awaited Lil’ Illidan, or as I like to call him,

lillidan wow world of warcraft pet battle lil illidan


You guys. I can’t even with this. I realize that posting memetic sentence fragments is unprofessional even with my typical colloquial style of writing but no really the feels.

lillidan moves wow world of warcraft pet battle

He also included a stats & moveset screen, which doesn’t really reveal a ton, other than Lillidan is very powerful but a little sluggish. Even so, I could not be more excited to own this little terror, so I can tell him to hush any time I damn well please.

I’m not sure yet whether he’s a part of another iteration of Raiding With Leashes, or if he’s from the Pet Shop. Either way, he’s certainly going to be a part of my collection as soon as I can get my grubby mitts on him.

Pet Battles in Warlords of Draenor

This is a big meta post, curating and sourcing the new tidbits of information that crop up about Pet Battles in Warlords of Draenor in a more permanent way, while we wait for beta. This will be in reverse chronological order, with the most recent tweets and posts first, making it easier to refer back to in the future, both for you and for me. Even after Beta hits, I’ll continue to update with tweets and links to important posts. Also, probably, pictures and stuff.

4/4 – With the first round of datamining, Perculia of WoWhead has discovered the new pet ability Carpnado, which looks to be an aquatic AOE. With airborne carp, of course.

4/4 – After the first release of patch notes contained no pet battling information, Mr. LeCraft put out the following tweet:


All of these separate points are brand-spanking new information. I kind of assumed that we’d get new trainers, of course. Baby hippos, Gronn and the Carpnado are completely new pets, the Carpnado springing from the Warcraft Pets’ April Fools joke. Leveling stones are likely what they sound like, an item like the upgrade stones which grant levels. The most interesting tidbit here are the Eggs. The possibilities there are endless, but at the very least we can assume a degree of randomness resulting in a bunch of brand new pets.

A quick aside to thank Mr. LeCraft for this (admittedly booze-soaked) shout out to our little niche. Pretty much all the information I’ve gathered comes directly from him. You know, in addition to like, making this part of the game and everything, or whatever.

3/28 – There will be a “rare pet vendor” in the Garrison, which could possibly sell Pug Hats. (LeCraft, Twitter)


3/24 – A screenshot of a new trainer with a Diablo-themed team, located in the Garrison. I also wrote a quick post analyzing the team. (LeCraft, Twitter)

3/7 – Screenshot and query as to what to name this new battle pet, styled after the Iron Stars in the Garrosh encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar. (LeCraft, Twitter)

2/26 – A first look at the Undead ‘Weebomination’, and a partial moveset. (LeCraft, Twitter)

1/30 – Level cap to remain 25 in Warlords. (LeCraft, Twitter)

1/24 – The very first pet unleashed for this WoW expansion is the Dread Hatchling. We later discovered that this was the WoD Collector’s Edition pet. As of 5.4.7, it is now on live servers, and you can get your own with a digital preorder. (LeCraft, Twitter)


Hello, welcome to Kafi Talk. I’m your host, Lio Richman.


Today we’re going to talk about strategy for the beast of fable from book one Kafi, New York, daughters, dogs, you know no big whoop.

kafistats kafi beast of fable pet battle wow

Kafi has 3 attacks, and they all have twists to them. His first, Leap, is a smallish hit, but gives him a 100% speed boost for the next turn. His second is Gnaw, which hits fairly hard, but tacks on an additional hit if he’s faster than your battle pets. Because most Mechanicals are fairly slow it’s really likely your pets will be slower than his 292 speed even before he starts tacking on Leap. His last ability is Headbutt, which is on a relatively lengthy timer but hits hard, and has a small chance to stun.

With all that in mind, here’s the team.


As long as you have 3 capped level mechanical battle pets with decent offense, you’ll probably be able to beat this fight pretty handily, though the stun can be a gamechanger. The real star of this fight is going to be the Darkmoon Zeppelin, and we’ll see why in just a bit. The other 2 battle pets I chose here (Clockwork Gnome and the Darkmoon Tonk) just have fairly strong, Mechanical offenses.

I’ll start the fight by pulling out the Zeppelin, and using Decoy and Missile until it’s within a turn of being dead. With Kafi’s relative speed, we’ll be using the res turn to Explode, so we have to hit it on the turn before he’ll kill the Zep. Remember that dual attack on the Gnaw here, too! Explode hitting is crucial to this strategy.

kafiexplode wow world of warcraft pet battle kafi beast of fable

After that big a hit I’m feeling a little verkempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic. The Phoenix Hawk Hatchling is neither a Phoenix nor a Hawk. Discuss.

Explode is another of those odd percentage-based attacks which, although it isn’t buffed by most other moves, and isn’t affected by family weaknesses, it goes straight through that halfed damage buff the Beasts of Fable have, too. While in many cases this doesn’t make a huge difference, with such a big nuke being able to bypass the shield, Explode makes for an amazing tool to mow down any Beast of Fable. The Family weaknesses of the rest of the Zeppelin’s moves and its large healthpool in specific just make it a really good pet all around to beat up Kafi.

kafi beast of fable wow pet battle

At this point the fight is mostly over. I just construct a turret to provide filler damage, then swap to the tonk and continue to nuke, and I win this one handily. I’ve beaten him before with just a Zeppelin and a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, just nuking a bit and then Exploding. The Dragonling does worse at this than the zeppelin, just because the zeppelin has more health to start, and its Decoy doesn’t share a slot with its Explode, giving it a really good bit of longevity. There are a handful of non-mechanicals with Explode as well, if you’re in a pinch. Just remember that if you use Explode with the last pet alive on your team, you’ll lose the fight because it doesn’t activate Failsafes.


Another good alternate strategy would be to use the clockwork gnome, a pet with Thunderstorm and the Cogblade Raptor. Like I said though, most teams with 3 mechanicals are like buttah for this fight.

First Look: Tamers of Draenor

Once again, WoW Developer Jonathan LeCraft has been busy, and has been kind enough to share his work on twitter.


This Gilnean girl, the first Tamer we’ve seen new for Warlords of Draenor, has a very unique team. Most of her pets are nigh-unattainable by most players, the exception being the pet hailing from the Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls expansion pack (which coincidentally launches today), the Treasure Goblin. All 3 pets on the team are references to Diablo, so perhaps this is less coincidental than it seems. The Treasure Goblin is a humanoid with a lot of Magic attacks and a few defensive moves.

Most enviable is the Mini Tyrael battle pet. Mini Tyrael is a Humanoid with entirely Humanoid moves. Considering these first two pets, it seems like an obvious conclusion that an undead pet, or a pet with a wide complement of undead moves, will be excellent to have in your pocket to beat this new tamer. The third pet on the team, Mini-Diablo, is the only magic battle pet here, and he has quite the varied moveset. It’s next to impossible to recommend a hard counter here before seeing his actual move setup as a result.

The most interesting part of this post though, is the text of LeCraft’s tweet, indicating that this particular tamer will be showing up at our brand new Garrisons! This leads me to all kinds of wild speculation about Garrisons and how they interact with pets, but considering that I have my professionalism hat on just now, I’m not going to indulge. We already knew that Garrisons were going to play some role in how pet battles shape up in Warlords, but continued confirmation of that is really nice.


something something Mini Tyraels growing out of the ground like weeds something something.

If you’d like to help Mr. LeCraft name this team, he’s open to suggestions.


It would be wildly inappropriate to begin a walkthrough with cursing, but I am sorely tempted.


Dos-Ryga is one of the Beasts of Fable in Book 1, along with Nitun, Kafi and Ka’wi. He is also one of the more confounding battle pets in the entire series. Dos-Ryga is an Aquatic battle pet, so his simple counters are Flying damage offense and Magic family defense, right? So then we start the battle with a Magic pet to counter and


not so fast. While Dos-Ryga has an aquatic nuke with Whirlpool, that is on a relatively long cooldown, but his main nuke Frost Breath is, bizarrely, a Dragonkin move, meaning that Undead pets defend strongly against him. There’s also quite the wrinkle in his third move, a massive heal. Luckily it’s on a cooldown as well, meaning that this is a good place for a burst synergy team.


The Shrine Fly adds 2 DoTs, one Flying, which really packs a punch. The Sen’jin Fetish adds Wild Magic, and has a bit of an extra defensive boost because it’s Undead. The Chicken is there because of Flock. Nearly any substitution involving these 3 abilities, or proxies to these three abilities (eg, Expose Wounds vs Wild Magic) will work swimmingly here.

Get it? I said swimmingly, and he’s a fish?

dosidiot dos-ryga beast of fable wow world of warcraft pet battle

Everybody’s a critic.

We’ll start off the fight with that Shrine Fly and its two DoTs. There is one oddity here though.


The Shrine Fly’s Glowing Toxin will always deal 6% of the target’s health per tick. The only thing you can use to buff this move’s damage is something like Sunlight, which buffs max health. It’s still a really good move to keep in your pocket for single-pet fights like the Beasts of Fable, because it’s unaffected by the halfed-damage Boss buff these pets have. But, it’s also not going to be buffed by the rest of the moves we’re about to set up, while the other is. This isn’t a bug. It’s intended. Don’t panic. Have your towel? Moving on.


After we hit Dos-Ryga with the first couple DoTs, the fight starts to get a little hairy. Dos-Ryga’s moves are dynamic, like Nitun’s, so I can’t tell you for sure exactly how it’s going to go down. After your Fly goes in, the clock on Whirlpool is ticking, which does big damage and roots your active pet. When this happens, I just sit back and nuke a bit with the pet I’m currently using, being sure to keep up my applicable buffs (the DoT, Wild Magic, etc). Even if the stars don’t align and your DoTs from the Fly wear off before you can bust out your Chicken, you’ll still be fine as long as you keep up the duration on Wild Magic. I do advocate making your swaps ASAP and not wait until each pet in the chain dies, because dawdling will only prolong the fight.

At some point, you’ll be able to put in your chicken, and that’s when the magic happens. Flock away, and try not to get fish scales on your boots.


The real benefit of using Flock over Howl is that, not only do you get the big buff, but each individual hit of Flock is also buffed by Wild Magic’s damage. This makes Flock’s damage component go from feeble to fearsome.

Alternately, you could just grab a team full of Crows and Gilnean Ravens with Darkness to half the healing and lots of frontloaded Flying damage, but where’s the fun in that? Especially since crows eat fish, and this is one fish you’re going to want all to yourself.


Somebody pass the tartar sauce.

Emerald Whelpling

The Saint Patrick’s Day holiday, not celebrated in WoW, has always been one of my favorites. Mostly for obvious reasons. I figured it would be fun to profile one of my favorite pets as well, even though I’m kind of breaking one of my own rules by doing so.


I’m blaming green beer.

The Emerald Whelpling is a pricey pet, with a rough average around 7000g. If you’re particularly enterprising, you can farm one up yourself. Their spawn point has moved from the Swamp of Sorrows to Feralas, from the corrupted whelplings near the portal to the Emerald Dream, but the drop rate continues to be vanishingly small.

This particular profile is mostly for seasonal flavor and sentimentality, but the Emerald Whelpling’s battling prowess can’t be denied either.

emeraldwhelpstats wow world of warcraft pet battles

Though it doesn’t do too much in PVP, in PVE it’s a workhorse with 2 strong heals (Emerald Dream and Tranquility) to choose between, a couple of magic moves, one of which is the synergistic weather effect Moonfire and the other the straightforward Emerald Bite. She also has a Dragonkin nuke with Breath. Her moveset is rounded out with the utility shield Emerald Presence.

In a lot of situations, a far less expensive but still somewhat rare Emerald Proto-Whelp can fill a similar role. Especially in PVE the two are fairly similar. The big difference is that the Emerald Whelpling’s moveset can be swapped, so she can turn from a defensive tank with Emerald Presence into a damage-dealing phenom with Moonfire and Emerald Bite. There are many other Dragonkin battle pets available to fill the damaging role too, like the Nether Faerie Dragon which is tamed in Feralas, it’s just somewhat rare for a pet to be able to fill both roles all on its own.


Erin go Bragh, something something alcohol! WOO!

Ka’wi The Gorger

kawi beast of fable pet battle

Ka’wi The Gorger is one of the Beasts of Fable in Book 1, along with Kafi and Nitun. He’s quite a bit more predictable than either, and relatively easy to beat. The strategy I put forward for Nitun also works here, but I’m going to discuss some other, different tactics for Ka’wi. Because Ka’wi is easier to beat, this is more of a team building post than a specific breakdown of one strategy.

kawi location beast of fable wow world of warcraft pet battle

Before we discuss the actual pet battle, let’s talk about how to get there. For some reason, I am perpetually getting lost trying to find Ka’wi. If I do though, all I have to do is find the Jade Serpent Statue in the Jade Forest and look directly South. Between the road and the river is where you’ll find Ka’wi.

kawi moves wow world of warcraft pet battle

In fighting Ka’wi, you have a couple options. His offense is a mix of Critter moves with Chew and Flying moves with Moth Balls, so my first inclination in team building was to use a Humanoid team, because they defend against Critter moves. Most humanoid battle pets have really strong offense when paired with stuns and unfortunately, because Ka’wi is a Critter, he’s going to be immune to all of these. Chew is on a relatively short cooldown, but has a ramp up, so my personal prerogative is to go with something to just avoid this when possible. The Anubisath Idol, Bonkers, the Flayer Youngling and Lil Bad Wolf are all humanoids with either Dodge or Deflection. The latter 3 also have Beast moves, which hit the critter Ka’wi extra hard, making them the better choices if possible.

kawi hit wow world of warcraft pet battle

Because the other half of his offense is Flying another simple counter is to use a Dragonkin. Fortuitously, many of these dragons also have avoidance in the form of Lift-Off, which is easy to employ, because Chew’s damage hits at the end of the round, when DoTs do. Many Dragonkin battle pets also use Beast attacks, which is fantastic for Ka’wi. Of particular interest are those that combine both the avoidance and beast damage, namely the Phoenix Hawk Hatchling and Proto-Drake Whelp. There are a couple others that do as well, but by using Roar, which isn’t really effective in the ‘beast damage’ conversation. The Untamed Hatchling and Chrominius combine beast damage with heals, which is also fairly effective. Chrominius’ Howl option makes for a much stronger offense, which is able to rip through Ka’wi like a hot knife through Fudgie The Whale.

Here’s my preferred team for Ka’wi.

kawi team wow world of warcraft pet battle

I lead with Chrominius because of the previously mentioned Howl offense. I usually like to frontload my offense, because it makes it easier to tell how the fight is going to go. The Phoenix Hatchling and Flayer Youngling both have good defense. I like mixing up the families just because it’s a good habit to foster.

The reason why it’s generally better to go piecemeal here rather than develop a specific strategy is because of Ka’wi’s one ability we haven’t discussed yet. He’ll cast Super Sticky Goo fairly frequently, which restricts swaps. This puts a bit of a damper on a lot of different synergies, so it makes more sense to just evaluate on a per-pet basis.

kawimorehits wow world of warcraft pet battle

Clock Em

brawlers wow world of warcraft pet battle

Ironically, I occasionally explore parts of the game which don’t involve either battle pets or my druid. In fact, sometimes I just want to get out some aggression and punch some dudes in the head. And though that’s kinda what twitter is for, there are places to get my kicks in WoW, too. You just have to know where to go.

brawlers2 wow world of warcraft pet battle

The Brawler’s Guild is something I just recently started playing through, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s oddly similar to pet battles, in that there’s a puzzle element, but it’s way less, “Death Adder Hatchling I choose you!” and more “THERE IS A CAT EATING MY FACE RUUUUN.”

clockem2 wow world of warcraft pet battle brawler's guild

One (literally) small incentive kept me going (though I ought to be careful slinging around that ‘small’ stuff while playing a gnome). When you hit rank 4 in the Brawler’s Guild, meaning you’ve done the first 12 fights successfully, you can buy a Clock Em battle pet of your own for 20-30 silver (the price varies slightly based on reputation discounts). This is the only way to obtain a Clock’em of your own, so if you want a tiny robot with enormous spiked fists of fury, better get sharpening your daggers and make your way to either the Deeprun Tram or the Brawlgar Arena. Clock’em starts off Rare and you buy up to 3 as soon as you hit rank 4, but they are uncageable and BoP, so if you want one have to fistfight your way to the top of a pile of corpses.

clockem stats wow world of warcraft pet battle

Clock ‘Em is unique in that he has a full complement of humanoid abilities, but is a mechanical battle pet, so he gets extra utility in the guise of the resurrection mechanical family ability. A few other mechanicals have a couple humanoid abilities, but Clock Em is all but entirely humanoid. Overtune is the one exception, and it’s used primarily to buff Clock Em’s speed, not really as a damage move. That speed buff has a lot of excellent synergy with his Kick move, which stuns if Clock Em goes first. However, Kick shares a slot with the utility move Dodge, which is frequently the better choice. Sharing a slot with Overtune is Counterstrike, which makes sense because Counterstrike has the best functionality if your pet is slower than its opponent. Rounding out his moves in the first slot is either the straightforward humanoid attack Jab, or the slightly odd Haymaker, which has a 50/50 chance to either deal damage and stun your opponent, or miss and stun the caster.


One big thing to be aware of using this battle pet, even in PVE, is cooldowns. Aside from Jab and Overtune, every ability in Clock Em’s moveset has a relatively lengthy cooldown. You need to choose carefully and use your abilities in an order so you’re not cooling your heels for a few turns. Clock Em’s Humanoid damage and Mechanical family make him relatively ideal for killing dragonkin that use a good bit of Magic damage. Unfortunately, Trixxy in Winterspring is the highest level tamer using a setup like this. He fights pretty well against most dragonkin though, as long as they’re not using Elemental damage.

Now, who do I have to garrote to get a cup of coffee in this stinking place?

clockem brawlers guild wow world of warcraft pet battle

Oh, don’t bother answering. I’ll figure it out. Trial and error.